Jews, what are your best arguments that Jesus was not the messiah?

Fellow Christians you are welcome to post also.

There’s actually a very good, active thread that is discussing this very thing:

According to Jewish belief, as well as the meaning of the word itself, the Messiah, whether warrior or priest, is not supposed to be G-d but rather a man. Therefore, according to Judaism, anyone who claims to be G-d cannot be the Messiah. Then there are other reasons why Jews do not believe Jesus was the Messiah, namely, not fulfilling the mission of the Messiah the first time to bring peace among the nations, a return of the Jewish people to Israel, a rebuilding of the Temple, and an understanding of the truth of Torah and Judaism among the peoples of the world, with no need, however, for conversion to Judaism. We believe Jesus was a wise and liberal rabbi who understood the profundity of the Law, but not a prophet, not the Messiah, and not G-d.

As a Catholic I was always taught to respect the Jews as they are the Chosen People of God and remain so in spite of their disbelief. I don’t think this respect is condescending, however I have never judged this disbelief outside of the context of my ludicrous belief in the Eucharist. Who, believing that their God is truly present in complete humanity and divinity in what has the accidents of a piece of bread, can throw the first stone on this disbelief. Belief is a gift from God. As a man proud of his intellect I have come to realise this in a growing humility. Thus I do not pray for the Jews, they do not need my poor prayers. They are special to God already and He looks after his own sons. However, I believe it essential to oppose any religious attack on the Jews whether it be against Israel or the stupid boycotts on Jewish businesses such as is found amongst the Left leaning political parties especially the Greens in Australia.If we don’t support the sons of God, what will he say to us? May our one God gather us all together under His eternal love and protection.

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