Jihadis, Elections and Ramadi

For those who don’t know, Ramadi is the most dangerous spot in Iraq right now.

More splits in the insurgency as Election Day nears; and more of the Ramadi Problem

By Bill Roggio

RAMADI, IRAQ: As Election Day quickly approaches in Iraq, the various jihadi factions and the non-jihadist insurgents are taking their varied positions on how to deal with the voting process. The domestic insurgents, foreign fighters and jihadist do not have a unified position on how to deal with the electoral process, and their official statements reflects this.

al-Qaeda and allied Salafist jihadi groups, according to the SITE Institute, “vow to continue jihad, separate themselves from any group or person who enters into negotiations with the Iraqi government and its supporters, and states that involvement in the “political operation” is prohibited by Islamic law.”

Ansar Al Sunnah says the Islamic world has a choice between jihad and democracy, and those who participate in democracy are a “partner in the guilt” and are “losers.” They do not threaten to conduct attacks during the election, nor are they asking for their members to silence their guns.

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