Jihadists execute hundreds in Tikrit Massacre


BAGHDAD, IRAQ (BNO NEWS) — “Islamic State” jihadists have executed hundreds of Shi’ite Muslims in northern Iraq in what may be one of the worst atrocities yet since the al-Qaeda splinter group seized much of northeastern Syria and made huge gains in parts of Iraq, according to footage released Tuesday.

Warning: Link includes a picture with numerous bodies of victims.



I saw the article yesterday. It affected my sleep. Praying for them all often.

The plight of Christians is mentioned in our national news online, abc.net.au/news/2014-07-30/iraq-christians-killed-robbed-and-without-food-and-water/5635562but I noticed no mention the plight of Christians yesterday or today (at this time) in news like the English Daily Mail online. More trivial news did make the grade.
Thank you for posting.
The world needs to know and react to this genocidal holocaust.


Wow. This is absolutely horrific. It seems as though they are committing genocide. :frowning:


While doing this in the name of their faith, many of these young man have no idea how they are harming their own souls. May their eyes be opened to the evil they perpetrate…


Meanwhile the world stands by and does nothing as these brutal acts if murder are committed. And our president celebrates the end of rsmadan in the white house claiming we share religious values and wishes them a blessef or happy eid. Is obama aware how muslims are slaughtering muslims and christians in the middle east?
Our president lives in an alternate universe.

I pray for the souls of the departed.


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