Jihadists Take Control of a Secretive US Base in Libya


According to a report by The Daily Beast, one of the top Libyan jihadist leaders and a long-time Al Qaeda associate, Ibrahim Ali Abu Bakr Tantoush, has taken control of a sensitive US base in Libya.
Report Here…


This is confusing. How did they get the base? I doubt they stormed in and killed a bunch of people or we’d all have heard about it by now.

Did we just leave? And if so, how could that be such a sensitive place?


The recent Al Qaeda activities show that the organization is not, in fact, as weak as the US administration claims it to be.

That’s quite old news. The whole “Obama got Osama” (via Bush-era tactics no less) was worn out long ago.



It appears the base wasn’t in use and wasn’t that secretive. “Jihadist take over abandoned base” doesn’t have the same ring to it though.


Now that makes more sense.


My question is how stupid do you have to be to take over an abandoned base of your sworn enemy when said enemy has a rather good track record of not only finding you when you try to hide where your bases are, but also for using it’s technological advantage to blow said hidden bases up with cruise missiles and armed drones. I mean seriously, it’s like they want to get blown up.


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