Jill McCabe: The president attacked my reputation. It’s time to set the record straight

I am an ER pediatrician & accidental politician — someone who never thought much about politics until I was recruited to run for state office after making a statement about the importance of expanding Medicaid. That decision — plus some twisted reporting & presidential tweets — ended up costing my husband, Andrew, his job & our family a significant portion of his pension my husband had worked hard for over 21 years of federal service. For the past year & a half of this nightmare, I have not been free to speak out about what happened. Now that Andrew has been fired, I am.

Andrew & I met as sophomores in college, at Duke. He was interested in law (eventually law enforcement), I in medicine (eventually pediatrics). Andrew’s a reliable Republican; I have voted, over time, for both Republicans & Democrats.

As we have raised our children, I tried to vote more regularly & pay more attention to the issues that affect our community. And with my work in a hospital ER in VA, I saw the impact of how government decisions hurt my patients, especially when VA decided not to accept the federal government’s funding to expand Medicaid.

I was providing care in the most expensive setting — the ER — & only once a patient’s condition became more serious, because he or she had no other options. In addition, VA’s decision was increasing the cost of health care for everyone, ultimately raising prices, premiums & taxes, while thousands of patients suffered. The whole thing just made no sense.

One day in 2014, an entourage of politicians came through the ER, & a reporter pulled me aside to ask how Medicaid expansion would affect my patients. I did not think any more of it until a year later, when I received a voice mail asking whether I might be interested in running for the VA Senate.

I was stunned — I went home & told Andrew, & we laughed about how crazy that idea was. A few days later, I got another call: Clark Mercer, chief of staff to then-Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, asking me to at least speak to Ralph, who is a pediatric neurologist. I was moved by Ralph’s story about how he had used his medical background to advocate for the needs of the children he serves.

I started to become more interested, thinking, “Here’s a way I can really try to help people on a bigger scale than what I do every day.” While I was considering the possibility, Andrew & I went to Richmond to meet with various politicians, including then-Gov. Terry McAuliffe. The subject of Hillary Clinton never came up — the story about her emails had not even broken when I was first approached by Northam. All the governor asked of me was that I support Medicaid expansion.

Here is a link to CNN reporting. I think the WaPo piece can be accessed by the link in the second paragraph without hitting a paywall.

it’s my impression that an ethics committee of the FBI, a committee of career officers that has always existed in the FBI, recommended McCabe’s firing for leaking and for lack of candor. Trump didn’t do that, McCabe’s peers did.

It’s my impression as well that McCabe’s net worth is about $11 million. Given his background and his wife’s profession, they could easily make half a million a year or more in income, not including their investment income. In addition, McCabe will get a government pension for life, whether he works or not. Sometimes it seems extreme privilege is intolerant of all reverses, even when self-inflicted.

And I’m supposed to weep over the reverse in their fortunes occasioned by the judgment of the FBI itself as to whether he violated their standards?

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Trump has politicized the FBI and DoJ.
Until all the facts are out, why speculate about ll of the things unknown?

Oh? What are the names of the Trump proponents who acted politically, and what did they do?

Here are some facts that are “out”: The Office of Professional Responsibility and Inspector General reports on McCabe led to his firing. The IG is Michael Horowitz. He was appointed to that position in early 2012 by President Obama and was confirmed by a Democratic Senate. The head of the OPR was placed in that position by Robert Muller when he was at the helm of the FBI. Here is a snippit from the OPR website:

Some allegations of misconduct by Department attorneys do not fall within the jurisdiction of OPR and are investigated by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). OPR’s jurisdiction is limited to reviewing allegations of misconduct made against Department of Justice attorneys and law enforcement personnel that relate to the attorneys’ exercise of authority to investigate, litigate, or provide legal advice. The OIG is required to notify OPR of the existence and results of any OIG investigation that reflects upon the professional ethics, competence or integrity of a Department attorney. In such cases, OPR will take appropriate action

source Bolding is mine. OPR is not limited to looking at Department attorneys but also law enforcement, like McCabe.

The IG investigation that was then sent to the OPR was initiated January 12, 2017. This is before Trump took office. Apparently at the time McCabes lawyer called the probe that eventtualy got his client in trouble “welcome news”. The investigations that found McCabe’s misdeeds were initiated under a Democrat President, by an IG that was appointed to by Democrat President and confirmed by a Democrat Senate and then referred to the OPR which is headed by someone who was put in that position during the tenure of the now special council who is investigating Trump. These people recommended he be terminated. Sessions only concurred with the recommendation and made it official. That you can sit there and say with a straight face this was because of Trumps politicization of the FBI and DOJ is laughable.

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This is a deflection because, if you read Jill McCabe statement cited, or just the excerpt posted above, it is about much more than the firing. It is about Trump’s attacks on her because of her run for state Senate on the Democratic ticket. She explains it quite clearly, and it is good to have this out in the open, now that her husband is no longer at the FBI.

It is interesting that you use their net worth as justification for discounting attacks on their character. It is my understanding that Trump has considerably more net worth, and yet you have been very defensive of attacks on his character.

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what do you call the departments actions under obama?
definitely not in the interest of justice.

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Lol. Less is spent on most US Congressional races. $700,000 is probably $7 for each human in her district. (Forget registered voters) No one spends that much for a seat in the VA House of Delegates. Of course it is quid pro quo for a job no one besides this lady or Hillary Clinton could lose.

The problem is Trump himself. Serious people , who may accept the allegatiosn of COIs in the FBI investigations also understand that Trumps chatter.

By attacking Mr. McCabe and by continuing to attack the F.B.I., Mr. Trump has clouded an overdue changing of the guard and has provoked resistance to reform efforts.

Which one can hardly say has not been politicized

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