Jill Stein Thread:Green Party



Green Party candidate Jill Stein told CNBC on Wednesday she is the only 2016 presidential nominee who is free to provide the medicine the economy needs.

“As the only candidate that is not poisoned by corporate money lobbyists or super PACs, I can actually stand up for what it is we need,” she said in an interview on “Squawk Box.”

She said the United States needs an emergency jobs program like the New Deal — “a green New Deal” to solve “the emergency of climate change,” and a cancellation of student debt to “liberate a generation to lead us forward to the economy of the future.”

She said she would also make higher education free and make health care universal through a Medicare for all system.


Sounds like a reheating of the Sanders soufflé. :rolleyes:


What’s she offering that Hillary isn’t? Marybeth between her and the Libertarians taking more of Hillaries votes, Trump will have a chance.

It will be interesting.


She said the United States needs an emergency jobs program like the New Deal

Great Idea, we can call it the “Stimulus”. I’m sure there are lots of shovel ready projects out there we can spend money on, about $800 billion should do the trick.


A “green New Deal” – green, as in the color of the $$$ she wants to soak out of us.


Do you like Jill Stein, songcatcher?


No, not particularly, although I honestly haven’t researched her all that much. I don’t dislike her and I can certainly see why the hard-core Bernie supporters are backing her over Hillary. I do like that third party candidates are getting some attention this cycle though. I think it’s the best way to shake up the system and it keeps the major candidates on their toes.

I don’t buy the notion that voting for third party candidates is a wasted vote. Look what happened when the Green Party helped cost Gore Florida in 2000. Democrats, including Gore, had been putting environmental concerns on the back burner for years. To say that changed after 2000 is an understatement.


Jill Stein’s only reason for existence in this election is to make Hillary look sane to voters. Her ideas are nuts, and about as feasible as the ACA was in terms of meeting its stated expectations.


Headed to Baton Rouge to see the damage from flooding, work with Greens to mobilize support for victims. Need emergency action on climate. – Jill Stein, Twitter


While I do hope the Greens suck the life blood out of the Dem party, I’m shocked people still think more Govt spending will somehow create well paying and sustained jobs and careers.

The Obama admin has pumped ~ 8 Trillion extra $$$ into the economy, and it’s the weakest recovery on record I think.


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