Jill Stein's Green Party drops Pennsylvania recount bid


**Dec 03, 2016 8:39 PM ET

The Associated Press:**

Green Party-backed voters dropped a court case Saturday night that had sought to force a statewide recount of Pennsylvania’s Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election, won by Republican Donald Trump, in what Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein had framed as an effort to explore whether voting machines and systems had been hacked and the election result manipulated . . .

The state’s top elections official, Secretary of State Pedro Cortes, a Democrat, has said there was no evidence of any sort of cyberattacks or irregularities in the election. Any recount would change few votes, Cortes predicted . . .

As of Friday, Trump’s margin of victory in Pennsylvania was 49,000, or less than one per cent, out of six million votes cast, according to state election officials. Final counts were outstanding in some counties, including heavily populated Allegheny County, but state and county officials did not expect any outstanding uncounted votes to change the outcome of the presidential election in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s automatic statewide recount trigger is 0.5 per cent. Stein drew less than one per cent of the votes cast.


I first read about this . . . in the Canadian News. :o

Mr. Trump won PA by less than 1%.

Ms. Stein “drew less than one per cent of the votes cast”.

Perhaps, if the Green Party hadn’t run Ms. Stein as a candidate for President, Hillary Clinton would have received more votes in PA. :hmmm:


from initial article:

"…Saturday’s court filing to withdraw the case said the Green Party-backed voters who filed the case “are regular citizens of ordinary means…”

Since then Stein has filed suit in Federal Court to challenge the whole set of state rules.
I guess the just plain folks must have had a bake sale or something to raise the legal fees for federal court.


Hmmmmmmmmmm! :shrug:


Makes her the frontrunner for the 2020 DNC. :slight_smile:


IIRC, Pennsylvania required a $1M bond for the recount. Jill Stein has raised over $7.5M from Democrats who are angry over the election with her recount nonsense. Seems like she didn’t want to part with the money she’s raised, which she claimed was for the recount…


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