Jim Caviezel in minor motorcycle accident

Josh Grossberg **Josh Grossberg **– Fri Jul 17, 12:55 pm ET
Los Angeles (E! Online) – Walking on water. Check. Getting crucified and resurrected. Got that covered. Riding a motorbike? Maybe he might want to leave that to the Hell’s Angels.

Jim Caviezel, the actor famed for playing Jesus in Mel Gibson’s 2004 blockbuster The Passion of the Christ, narrowly escaped serious injury Thursday in Washington after a man inexplicably threw a bicycle in front of his Harley-Davidson, causing him to crash.

“Mr. Caviezel was riding his motorcycle on I-97 and a pedestrian pushing a bicycle for some reason threw it into the lane of travel,” Washington State Patrol officer Rich Magnussen tells E! News.

Apparently someone upstairs was keeping an eye on him.

I admit that I’m being overly critical of the author of this article, who I am assuming is Jewish ,and yes, I think that influenced his writing of this article.

He seems to be contradicting himself in this article. I think he was working too hard to be cute and maybe a little insulting to Jim C. Why should he leave motorcycle riding to the Hell’s Angels? It seems to me that you can add motorcycle riding to his ‘can-do’ resume. He walked away from what could have been a horrific accident, with hardly a scratch.

Motorcycle riding… check.

My immediate thought was that he was mocking the poor guy for no reason, too. I imagine he gets a lot of unjustified, 'he thinks he’s so great because he’s Jesus" kind of anger directed at him.

I don’t know anything about the guy being Jewish, but doubt that that would influence him in this way. I do agree that he was trying to have a cute segway into the story, but it was stupid & flell flat, imho. I wish it was better written with more info. Was this a high speed accident? Sounds like Jim & his Guardian Angel are to be commended:thumbsup:…

Jim Caviezel came to my parish once about a year ago, seriously. I’m not lying here. :slight_smile: I didn’t attend this church function but I thought it was pretty cool that he came. :slight_smile:

Just reading what you posted, I didn’t think it was insulting or mocking. Just my opinion though.

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