Jim Caviezel to star in new CBS series!

Don’t know if this has already been posted here: cleveland.com/tv-blog/index.ssf/2011/05/cbs_fall_schedule_jim_caviezel_michael_emerson_dylan_walsh_julie_benz_and_poppy_montgomery_in_new_dr.html

Let’s support our fellow devout Catholics!

Some information about the series, which has CBS very excited:

"Person of Interest" reunites "Lost" creator J.J. Abrams with one of the mysterious-island show's stars, Michael Emerson. The crime thriller, also starring Jim Caviezel and Taraji P. Henson, centers on an elite former CIA agent who teams with a shadowy billionaire to prevent violent crime before it happens. The well-capitalized vigilantes work outside the criminal-justice system but forge an advantageous link to the NYPD. Among the creative executives on the show with Abrams: "Lost" alum Bryan Burk and Oscar nominee Jonathan Nolan ("Memento," "The Dark Knight").


CBS apparently sees series as a worthy replacement to CSI, kicking it out of its prime spot on Thursday night.

“Person of Interest” is CBS’s highest-testing drama pilot in 15 years, CBS scheduling chief Kelly Kahl said at the breakfast news conference.

“We were looking for an opportunity to hit a home run,” Kahl said of the “CSI” swap for “PoI.” The new drama, Kahl said, had “crazy broad appeal you don’t usually see” in testing.


**Very very happy to see that this very good actor(that’s the way it should be)got a series.Whats even better is that it appears the series has the backing of JJ Abrams who right now is a very very hot producer,director and writer with the most anticipated film of the summer"Super Eight"coming up.Caviezel has certainly paid his dues and he deserves the chance.ger:thumbsup: **

I like it as a possibility. I only have one show I currently watch. I am very selective. I had two, but Hawaii 5-0 lost me two weeks ago. It has turned into a soap opera. I still like Flashpoint.

Sounds like "Lost" meets the "A-Team". Two of my favorite shows! :D

Could be cool. :hmmm: I hope it is on early enough for me to watch it.

Hopefully, this will be a wholesome show that the whole family could watch together. Maybe Hollywood could make something decent, make more money and then a new trend develops! I barely watch TV now except for the old Waltons reruns just to unwind after work. I have sworn off dead body shows, gratuitous glimpses of body parts that should be covered unless showering, countless murders every half hour, and “humorous” shows about men copulating like rabbits in front of children, etc.I am tempted to throw out the idiot box, if it weren’t for my husband who loves the ones about the pawn shops, the american pickers and the car and bike builders. :slight_smile:

I watch House,Ncis,The Killing,Game of thrones.ger

Good for him, only I wouldn't be watching it. Hate tv shows. Don't have the patience to watch all those time consuming commercials that come with it.

I'm glad I found this thread, thank you for the welcome news about Jim Caviezel. I love the actor's work and I was wondering when he would return to TV after he did the miniseries "The Prisoner" some years ago. I'm actually in the process of cutting my cable tv service completely and plan instead on trying an indoor digital antenna to get my local network programming. So I'm just as glad to see that I should still be able to watch the series since it will air on my local CBS station. I hope it's a success for Jim, he should be working more often, he's such a good actor.

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