Jim Caviezel's audio bible

does anyone know if Jim Caviezel has any plans on releasing the Catholic version of the audio bible?, we know hes a devoted Catholic but we are feeling kinda high and dry over here, i dont think i can spend any money on the king james version, i dont care how good it sounds and how many actors are in it.
It would be really really cool to have a high end production of the real Bible for us to listen to.

I’m starting to like this guy!

Actually, he is an excellent actor. I was watching a film he made and he was such a convincing actor, I didn’t recognize him. He is really excellent.

There are two kinds of actors: some play themselves. Others are so effective they are unrecognizable except as the character. Christopher Lloyd is one. David Suchet is another. Jim Caviezel is another.

You watch the films they are in and YOU CAN’T FIND THEM. I was watching one and only when the film was over did I realize the actor I was looking for WAS ON THE SCREEN THE WHOLE TIME. Outstanding actor.

Caviezel is outstanding.

Jim is one of my favorite actors, i just wish we had a cool audio version of the true Bible, somebody out there has to have to power to produce something like this, i just don’t like the fact that we are playing catch up with the protestants when it comes to using the media to evangelize.:shrug:


i’m sure Mr. Caviezel would adapt a version of a Catholic bible if some Catholics would pay for the production!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


i bought this cd book but threw it out cause of scratches on the cds and the dvd making of it. but its called the word of promise, and jim caviezel does an awesome job of talking Jesus’ words, but the voice of God aint so powerful, i forget which actor played the voice of God, but its got a whole bunch of actors and actresses on it. i dont know if thats bad to listen to the bible cause theyre actors and actresses they get paid to act and some couldnt not mean what they say or say something just cause its theyre job to say it and it has no effect like the way jim caviezel, that guy put himself in Jesus’ shoes FOR REAL!. and i dunno but yeah it was fun while it lasted. till i tossed it in the trash.

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