Jim rogers.. on the fed

yr views on Jim Rogers.from Rogers holdings… . He says Recession will be coming no matter what… or something similar…

yr views

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We will see if he is accurate. We haven’t even had one negative quarter yet, and it takes two consecutive negatives to qualify as a recession. So we won’t know for sure until at least August.

I think it is interesting that “the fallout from the subprime mortgage market crisis and the global credit crunch it triggered” is blamed instead of more politically expedient causes.

Not sure about a national or world recession. But, my family has had two negative quarters in a row. :frowning: So I guess the family is in a recession.:shrug:

Food, utilities, taxes (mostly school taxes), gas and all other commodities have tended to make many of the people I know use credit or cut back this last year. There might not be anywhere else they can cut back.

No, when it happens to you, it’s a depression. Sorry to hear about your family’s misfortune. 2003 through 2005 was a horrible period for my family. I will pray that things get better for your family.

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