Jimmy Buffet and the Parrothead lifestyle

I’ve just recently discovered the music of Jimmy Buffet, which I thoroughly enjoy(!)…

…but I’ve got to admit: the Parrothead lifestyle looks like so much fun! But definitely incompatible with my Catholicism.

One summer in college I went through a Jimmy Buffet phase.I would come home from school crack open a brewski and soak in the sun on my sun deck all the while enjoying a nice cigar and listening to JB… Okay it wasn’t really Margaritaville, it was more like Natural Light-Ville but it was a much needed stress release and I have fond memories of those days.
Now Im forced to face reality in the work-a -day world. But leisure itself is not sinful as long as you make room for God and don’t go too far on the alcohol.

Now if I could only find my lost shaker of salt…:wink:

In nice weather when I am in the backyard gardening I love to play JB. Fun music!

I love his music but his concerts are pretty raunchy in audience behavior - it’s become a cult of sorts…

What on earth do you find about the Parrothead lifestyle that is incompatible with Catholicism?

Duuude :slight_smile: where have you been? :smiley:

I don’t know, it just that when I think about the Parrothead lifestyle, it doesn’t seem to end with having a cigar and margarita on the beach - but goes on to include usage of drugs, illicit sex, etc.

I’m sure it’s all about the person, mind you, but it doesn’t seem that a person is a “Parrothead,” per se, until you’ve mixed and mingled with such people.

Am I wrong?

It is also related to marijuana user lifestyle.(laziness etc.) Some sonds reference this.

Yeah. I see a lot of laziness, sloth, and hedonism reflected in the lifestyle.

It may just be that I see that in Jimmy Buffett himself but am pawning it off on the fans, but it doesn’t seem unlikely that those who call themselves “Parrotheads” would approve of such…

I enjoy (most) of his songs, esp. in summer, but remember reading remarks of his that had a decidedly unCatholic-morality flavor to them. Can’t remember where, but I think Rolling Stone.

He was actually raised Catholic. He was an altar boy.

You can get a feel for his general approach to things here:


Huge Jimmy Buffett fan here.

There is a show (documentary, biography? I don’t know) but I have seen it on CMT and it goes through Jimmy’s career with interviews with Jimmy peppered throughout.

Jimmy himself talks about the Parrotheads, saying he really doesn’t know where that part came from. He indicated in as nice a way as he could that he doesn’t “get it” about the parrot head hats and paraphanelia his fans come to his concerts with. However, he said, more power to them.

His shop in Margaritaville carries all that stuff but the parrotheads came first, and the businessman in Jimmy saw that he could capitalize on it. He reasoned that they’ve got to buy all those crazy hats and beach balls somewhere, so why not from Margaritaville!!!

He also talks about how he doesn’t party like he used to - and certainly not as his songs imply!:rolleyes:

So he is basically a workaholic businessman/musician who knows how to write a helluva song!! At least that’s what I got out of the biography.

“…yes I am a pirate
born 200 years too late
the canons don’t thunder
there’s nothin’ to plunder
I’m an over 40 victim of fate…”:smiley:

That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing, Mary.

Well, you don’t have to BE Jimmy Buffet to enjoy a peaceful, laid-back, fun-loving lifestyle…
You can enjoy his music (maybe just laugh at the lyrics instead of taking them to heart) and still be a good Catholic… or at least try to be!

I don’t know… I try to “see the diamond in the rough” when it comes to some things… I ignore the nonsense and just “enjoy the atmosphere”, as it were…

I think this sums it up very nicely!!:thumbsup:

Ingredients for a Jimmy Buffett Concerita:

1 part drunken debauchery
1 part premarital sex
2 parts island escapism and other hedonistic pursuits
3 parts catchy nursery rhyme-like songs
2 cups mindless parroting of songs by grass-skirted adult children
1 part former altar boy who should know better but turned his back on Catholicism

garnish with lime, bitters and regret


See post #16:cool:

I can’t stand Jimmy Buffet.

My folks used to make me listen to that stuff in the car. If I hear “Cheese Burger In Paradise” one more time, I’m gonna be sick!


But seriously, I listen to Heavy Metal music and the lyrics do not agree with my Catholic faith more than 95% of the time. I have just learned to ignore the lyrical content. Besides, you can’t understand most of what they say! Ha-ha.

God bless you folks!


Mary, let me give you another example. Planned Parenthood provides low cost medical care to thousands of women, including screening for breast cancer. Of course, they also provide abortions and promote the contraceptive lifestyle. Should PP still be seen as a “diamond in the rough”, since according to this logic we can just ignore the abortion and contraception “nonsense”, and still think its okay to give them our money to promote women’s health? :confused:

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