Jimmy Carter: I would choose Donald Trump over Ted Cruz


CBS News:

Jimmy Carter: I would choose Donald Trump over Ted Cruz

Former President Jimmy Carter told the British Parliament on Wednesday that if he had to choose between Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, he’d prefer to see Trump win the White House.

“I think I would choose Trump,” the liberal former president said to the House of Lords, when asked about the U.S. presidential race, “which may surprise some of you, but the reason is Trump has proven already that he’s completely malleable. I don’t think he has any fixed opinions that he would really go to the White House and fight for.”

By contrast, Mr. Carter said, “Ted Cruz is not malleable. He has far right-wing policies, in my opinion, that would be pursued aggressively if and when he would become president.”

Exactly right, Mr Cruz has principles (whether you agree or not) and Mr Trump has none. Only Pres. Carter could find this to be a selling point.


Apparently you don’t understand his meaning though because “malleable” means that he’s willing to bend or adjust when he sees the necessity or the right path;
Whereas Carter is basically saying that Cruz may pursue the wrong path just because it’s right wing …

like war for example? :shrug:



Jimmy’s endorsement of Trump confirms my support of Cruz! :thumbsup:


What exactly is “right wing”? Standing for Constitutional principles? If so, include me! :smiley:


Keep reading what Carter said:

I don’t think he has any fixed opinions that he would really go to the White House and fight for.


Same here. Criticism from the second worst president in American history should be worn like a badge of honor! ;):smiley:


Jimmy Carter sees himself in Donald Trump, i.e., wealthy and unprincipled.


With all due respect to former Pres. Carter and wishing him well health-wise, who cares what he thinks concerning his preference for Trump rather than Cruz?! I’m surprised Cheney hasn’t weighed in as well, another politician whose opinions I pay no attention to.



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Jimmy Carter is a WWII veteran who served his country, he married his sweetheart after the war, he has been a faithful husband of one wife and wonderful father. He is a humble Christian. I don’t always agree with his politics always, I did vote for him. I am a sucker for Christian farmers, who till the soil for their work. His work for Habitat for Humanity has helped the needy. He pardoned the young men who fled the country due to their conscious of not fighting in the Vietnam war. I know men who served, I knew of men who served and did not return. I know Carter was being merciful to those who could not serve.

This is not the rap sheet of an unprincipled man. What does your rap sheet look like?

I think neither candidate is vote worthy. I consider Carter’s insight. Trump AND Cruz are hotheads. We do not want either in the White House. I personally would like a Trump/Carson ticket. Carson is also a believer and soft spoken, more diplomatic. They would balance each other out nicely.


Cruz or Trump…it doesn’t matter…the hopes for success for the Democratic Party lies in either one of them getting the GOP nominstion…and the longer it takes for Republican voters to switch support to a more centrist candidate like Rubio, the more likely it is that once again the once Grand Old Party will snatched certain defeat out of the jaws of victory!


Thank you for pointing out the positive moral character of Jimmy Carter, the man. I don’t believe he was suited for the job of President, and I don’t agree with his stance toward Israel nowadays (although he was successful when President in securing a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt). Nonetheless, I view him as a charitable and humble man.


I don’t think the jaws of victory are even in prospect this time around. The longer Trump remains in the campaign, the more **certain **we are to have a male First Lady this time next year (which may be Trump’s goal), and the more likely that the GOP will join the Whigs in the history books by 2036.



Thank you for saying this. Carter may not have been the best president, but to call him unprincipled it to know nothing about the man.


LOL Cruz has principles? His behavior in the last week proves otherwise. He and Trump are both name callers and juvenile and neither of them are fit to be POTUS IMO but Trump is right that what Cruz did was disgusting.


My point exactly. For better or for worse the GOP is broken.


The entire US political system is broken. It sets up their handpicked darlings that go up and down the media runways, parading to the public. I stopped buying into the sham way before the 2012 prez election. Keeps my blood pressure in check.


Comments like this will come and go for many candidates. It’s too convenient to use a one-liner like this to support one’s own decision of candidates.


What is the basis for you saying Mr. Trump has no principles? How do you know that? Has he lied and cheated during the Iowa Caucus like Cruz did?

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