Jimmy Carter’s grandson dies at age 28


Jimmy Carter’s grandson dies at age 28

PLAINS, Ga. (CNN) — Just hours after his 28-year-old grandson died, a shaken former President Jimmy Carter broke the news to his church and then taught Sunday School according to the church’s minister.

The grandson, Jeremy Carter, had not been feeling well and laid down to take a nap Saturday, Maranatha Baptist Church Rev. Jeremy Shoulta told CNN from Plains, Ga.

The younger Carter’s heart stopped, the minister said, and the family tried CPR and rushed him to a hospital.

“They were trying to keep his heart going and eventually, later in the night or the wee hours of (Sunday) morning, his heart stopped,” Shoulta said.

Despite the tragic loss, the former President taught Sunday school as he has for many years, Shoulta said.

“(President Carter) was shaken,” he said. “He was obviously sad although he was able to teach and he was able to present the lesson as well as he always has. But it was apparent to everyone there that this was weighing on him very heavily.”

During his sermon, Shoulta urged congregants to pray for the Carter family.

“Our church plays an important role in his (President Carter’s) life and he feels committed to his responsibilities here at the church,” Shoulta said. “His presence at the church today gave him an opportunity to fulfill his obligations to the church and also to feel the loving presence of his faith community.”


A tragedy, prayers for the Carter family and for the repose of the soul of Jeremy Carter, the former President’s grandson.


My prayers go out for former President Carter and the entire family. May God’s embrace continue to provide strength for him and for all of Jerome’s family throughout this difficult time. 28 is a life on earth far too short. But now in God’s hands, in faith I pray Jerome has found a heavenly life for all eternity. Amen.


When your time here is up, it’s up, whether you are 8, 28, 48, or 88. It’s all a great mystery, is it not?


I suppose its better to go in your sleep than while you are awake. Still, my sympathy is with the former President and his family. It’s astonishing how he said he wasn’t feeling well and the next time they checked on him, he had already passed away. It can happen that quickly, folks. :frowning:


Is there any idea as to what would cause this young man’s heart to stop?


Prayers for Jeremy that he has found a more perfect place in heaven with God.

Carter described Jeremy as “a very special child” who was preparing to transfer to a university to be closer to family. He recalled a long-ago family ski trip to the Saudi Arabian ambassador’s mansion in Colorado when, out of the blue, Jeremy asked him about dying.

“Papa are you going to die someday?” Carter recalled him saying. “And I was really happy that my grandchild was concerned about me.”

“I finally said, ‘Well Jeremy, everybody’s going to die someday,’” Carter recalled.

To which Jeremy responded, “When you die, can we still come to [this] place?”



Any of us can go at any time; the former President, Carter is over 90 now, he loses his grandson who isn’t a 3rd of that age.


Yes, this is true.

True are the memories Carter recollects…here is to the chance he allows God to make straight…that which has gone crooked…even as the winter of life draws to a close.


God gives us memory to serve a good purpose…if we allow it to.


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