Jimmy Swaggart Bible

My father got me this Bible (cost him a lot, about $100 :eek: ) but I am confused as to whether this would go with Catholic teachings and the way I am used to reading the Bible (the Douay-Rheims) http://www.textbooks.com/BooksDescription.php?BKN=945148&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&adtype=pla&kw={keyword}&gclid=CJauo4Ksz7ACFQrf4AodRXVKWQ

That’s the Bible. My question is, is this Bible okay to read for Catholics? It doesn’t state which sort of Bible it is (KJV, NAB, etc) so I’m really confused. :confused:

It is essentially a King James study bible. The problem is that it is incomplete. It has only 66 books, rather than the 73 books of Catholic bibles. As with any bible, there can be problems with the translation from the original languages. Protestant bibles, especially the newer ones, show a definite agenda in them - and that agenda seems to be to disagree with certain Catholic teachings. Now, there is also the issue of the expositor’s notes. Since they are not Catholic, their opinions come, not from the decisions of a Church council, or from a universally accepted catechism, but from private interpretation of scripture. Now, all protestant denominations do that, but the bible (2 Peter 1:20) forbids it! The private interpretation of scripture is the primary reason why none of the many protestant denominations agree. Worse is that there is no central protestant authority to go to to solve the dilemma.

If it is new (and will not offend dad), I would return it and get a Navarre bible, which everyone seems to rave about. Ignatius press offers a great study bible, but it is only the New Testament at this point. Tough call as to what to do with it, but you are not out any money so far.

i see you are new to the faith,as i am.i would definitely recommend not using it.stay with your douy-rheims,or if that because of the archaic language is too difficult the new american or the revised standard version (catholic edition)

I saw in the description in the link you gave that the Bible is King James version. The biggest problem with this Bible is that it gives commentary all the way through. Jimmy Swaggart is a Pentacostal preacher, and his interpretation of scripture is not going to be in line with Catholic teaching. I think you’re going to wind up confused and it’s going to undermine your learning of the Catholic Faith. You really need a Catholic Bible with Catholic commentary or notes so that you will understand what the Church teaches. I am sorry your father spent so much on the Bible. Is there any way you can return it? Is your father not Catholic?

Stay away from things like THE JIMMY SWAGGART BIBLE. It’s name says it all.
It is a Bible, the popular King James Version, but it is filled from front to back with “Brother Swaggart’s” own unique personal interpretations of the scriptures. You will come away from study of such a bible with your head filled with Brother Swaggart’s personal theological conclusions, and sorry, but Christianity has been around for thousands of years longer than Brother Swaggart, no matter how good and sincere his intentions may be.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind belonging to a (mostly-fiction) Christian book club for a few months, you can join CROSSINGS book club (look for them online) and for 99 cents you can get, I think, four books as the intro to your membership, one of whidh is a gorgeous, leatherbound New American Standard Bible study bible. It’s an evangelical study bible, so be a bit cautiious, but it’s worth $100 retail, so you’re really getting a bargain here, and the TEXT of the NASB, though it lacks our catholic deutero-canonicals, was a BIG HELP TO ME in the 1980s in reading and growing in understanding of God’s Word. The NASB text, itself, is published by the Lockman Foundation and is, the text itself, a very good translation which I DO recommend.


A new convert to Catholicism does NOT need an “evangelical study bible” any more than you need a Jimmy Swaggart bible.

Your father undoubtedly meant well, and of course you don’t want to upset him. If he would be offended if you returned it, then just put it aside as a keepsake. It is, after all, a gift.

Sounds right to me with JS, anyway, so the Nararre Bible comes in Large Print? I’m looking for a new Large Print. :slight_smile:

It is filled with Jimmy’s interpretations. Not good.

I wouldn’t. First of all, you’re right, $100 is a ridiculous amount of money for a Bible but, in all fairness, books in general are very expensive.

If you’re looking for a good study Bible, I’d pick John MacArthur’s study Bible in the ESV. The amount of notes, study aides, and references is staggarring.

For the most part, Swaggart’s doctrine isn’t the problem. It’s that he’s a Pentecostal and that he carries a lot of baggage. I’ve heard him say some things that are really ridiculous and some things that show an amazing level of insight. Just the same, though, I wouldn’t.

Considering John MacArthur has this to say about Catholicism below I’d steer well clear of him:-

MacArthur believes that Catholicism is “a Satanic religious system that wants to engulf the earth.”[36] He does not believe that Roman Catholics are true Christians, and believes that ecumenism will not work because it is “another religion”. He said that Roman Catholic “Priests are broken, shattered, tragic, sad, disconnected people; no past, no present, no future. They belittle the sanctity of the marriage relationship. They are denied normal relationships; the friendship of marriage. They are victims of a terrible system with no biblical basis whatsoever. It is a soul-destroying process that leaves them in a situation of rampant temptation, exposure to the worst. And the only way to fulfill these drives is sinfully. And they do not have the restraint of a transformed or sanctified life.” Regarding monks, MacArthur says “the inmates, I call them inmates, of monasteries, are unmarried men. Its just bizarre and abnormal. I read today the 50% are homosexual when they get there. The rest have no chance. These people are predators.” He says of convents, “I am surprised Amnesty International doesn’t raid these places.”[36]

Yeah, Catholics don’t like John MacArthur. But the MacArthur Study Bible in the ESV is still an excellent Bible and study resource.

And presumably chock a block with anti-Catholic teaching. It’s not a matter of not liking him, I’ve only vaguely heard of the man as he is one of those preachers you get over there in the US who doesn’t really resonate with a non US audience. But he’s been mentioned here a few times and I’ve checked him out and his teachings are full of anti-Catholic rhetoric of a most repellent kind.

And Catholic teachers are chock a block with anti-Protestant Christian teaching. I could just as easily say the same about your side.

It was you who recommended MacArthur’s Bible however, knowing his views of Catholicism. I find it interesting how you have made a distinction between Catholic and Christian there by the way…

Actually, I said “Protestant Christian”, not merely “Christian”, thus implying that Catholics* are *Christians. Are you saying that there is no distinction between Protestants and Catholics?

Of course there is, but both are Christians. The OP asked about a particular Bible, in return you chose to recommend one by a preacher who has a particularly unpleasant agenda regarding Catholics. On a Catholic forum as well it should be noted…

But both are not Protestants. Any reasonable person can see that the distinction was not between Catholic and Christian, but between Catholic and Protestant. Even you admit that Catholics are not Protestants.

The OP asked about a particular Bible, in return you chose to recommend one by a preacher who has a particularly unpleasant agenda regarding Catholics. On a Catholic forum as well it should be noted…

Yes, because it’s an excellent Bible.

The fact you recommend a work annotated by a man who believes Catholics are not Christians is one we will let speak for itself as supposing we are all fools here and cannot see the underlying agenda in recommending such works insults our intelligence.

The issue of Roman Catholicism is not specifically brought up in The Mac Arthur Study Bible. Dont get the misconception each and every study bible will take shorts at the RCC or the Pope. After all it is a study bible that has notes to help explain some text. Doctrinal disagreement does not constitute one as anti-catholic as all too often people think it is. The all important issue is the doctrinal content regardless of what group one belongs to. The positive side of The Mac Arthur Study Bible is that it teaches things such as the Trinity, the full deity and human of Jesus, the personality and deity of the Holy Spirit, the virgin birth of Jesus and his death on the cross for our sins and resurrection from the dead and the future second coming of Jesus. With this all Roman Catholics , Eastern Orthodox and Protestants should say amen since that is in line with the Apostle’s Creed and other Creeds of the church. Now on the down side doctrinally if one is Roman Catholic a person will disagree with it’s teaching on such things as election / predestination, justification, sanctification , form of church government and fine points of details on eschatology as he teaches dispensational premillennial position. Next time please think of real reasons not to buy or use a study bible. That way it does not come across as being biased. If one wants to know what some Protestants believe they should buy it that by does not mean one will embrace what is in it in full at all. Basically it can be used strictly for informative purposes.For example, even though I am not Eastern Orthodox I still own and use The Orthodox Study Bible even though it has some doctrines of which I personal disagree with.

The OP was specifically interested in a Bible supporting Catholic doctrine, there is no problem with reading other translations and the KJV Bible for example is well worth reading for the majesty and power of the language with it.

However suggesting study Bibles annotated and compiled by notoriously virulent anti-Catholic preachers are profitable for study is dubious. They would only be profitable if one approaches them with a great degree of caution and attempts to filter out the gold from the dirt contained within. Such as:-

The positive side of The Mac Arthur Study Bible is that it teaches things such as the Trinity, the full deity and human of Jesus, the personality and deity of the Holy Spirit, the virgin birth of Jesus and his death on the cross for our sins and resurrection from the dead and the future second coming of Jesus.

These then are all truths that MacArthur has retained from Catholicism and not lost sight of. Indeed the fact he embraces these basics is a good thing, but his work by it’s very nature must be approached with Caution.

By the way the correct name for the the Catholic Church is just that, I am a Catholic who happens to be a Roman Catholic, others who are in communion with Rome are Catholic but not Roman Catholic.

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