Jimmy Swaggart

I had read an article on Jimmy Swaggart that gave off the pretension that he wasn’t a big fan of Roman Catholicism. Who was he and is this true? Thanks and God bless.

Most likely. He was a televangelist who was caught soliciting a prostitute years ago.

The Evangelical arguements against the the RCC is a long list. Included is the claim that we worship Mary, that we worship the saints and that we practice cannibalism.

Your impression is right. Swaggart is or was one of the more flamboyant televangelists in the era of the Bakkers. Don’t know if he was a part of a denomination, but his style was personality and “evangelical” Bible-thumping. I think he sort of faded out in some kind of scandal.

I think Jimmy Swaggart is Southern Baptist, if I’m not mistaken, and yes he is open about his anti-Catholicism.

So is Jerry Falwell. Then again, he seems to spend his days watching kid’s TV shows…

He is A of G


Those Pentecostals sure do dislike Catholics…

Ah, thanks. Forgot all about Wiki…^^

Jimmy Swaggart is the cousin of a famous rock star Jerry Lee Lewis

They musat have has some interesting things to say to each other in former days …

Jimmy Swaggart was a BIG TIME televangelist in his pre-hooker days. I still remember him weeping copious tears of apology on his show. It was pitiful. He is on the air again - I saw him on the tube while visitung South Carolina recently.

Swaggart is a slick TV huckster and is very good at it.

…was Assembly of God. He would not submit to his governing ecclesiastical organization concerning time frames for restoration after hooker scandal 1.0, so he either resigned on his own accord or was booted out.


Get a copy of Karl Keating’s Catholicism and Fundamentalism. Jump to the part about Swaggart, then do yourself a favor and read the rest of it.

Most of all, don’t send Swaggert any money.

Am I the only one who remembers the SNL skits about him?

:crying: "I have sinned against YEW… Mah BRUTthers and SISTAs… " :crying:

Funny stuff. I think he was played by Phil Hartman (RIP)

I remember it well!

All true, and sad to say, people believe him and make him rich with donations.

I’ve heard that he’s toned down a bit in recent years with regards to his anti-catholicism. We should pray for his conversion.

I believe he is part of the Assembly of God demonimation.

Actually, I often wonder how it would be if he did convert, forsake everything, take up religious vows, and then become Pope. :smiley: I think it would open his eyes on how being Catholic really is. Though of course, seriously, I do pray for his conversion.

Still anti-Catholic. He is currently pushing his new book, via his current tv-evangelist show. The book has sections for each area wherein, according to him, Catholicism is WRONG. I’d love to know what it says but, would never spend my money on him/his ministry.

This has been my experience as well. Anyone know why this is? Are most A of G heavy fundamentalists?

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