Jimmy Swaggart's Expositor Bible

I have a question about Jimmy Swaggart’s Expositor Bible. Does anybody know where I could find a Catholic commentary on the commentaries me makes? He literally puts his own commentary in red letters directly into the verses themselves.:doh2: Are there any Catholic sources that goes over some of the many errors in it? I have a friend of mine who goes to his church and I’d really like to be prepared if I would ever need to defend my faith. I’d really appreciate a really long web article and/or a website reference dealing with his ministry itself. :coffeeread: And yes I’ve heard of Mr Tim Staples book, “Jimmy Swaggart Made Me Catholic.” but I’d like to do a little more research before I’ll be able to get the dvd.

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No doubt anything Mr. Swaggert has written in his commentary is the same-old-same-old that Evangelical have been putting out for years. I’d recommend: Scripture Catholic. He’s probably got a response for anything and everything Jimmy wrote. Also, look for articles right here on Catholic Answers. Also, Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary.

Tim Stables came from AOG and I think that he would be a great source. Wow, how did you end up with a friend that actually goes to that guy’s church? He is such a nut with all those antics, how can anyone stand him? He is quite the anti-Catholic. Another resource for you would be Marcus Grodi’s Coming Home network. I think they would have info and resources for you in dealing with someone that comes from Swaggert’s church.

well technically it’s my friends dad, and he has a very powerful story of his own. He had a very bad dealing with a priest right after he turned to God, so I could see where he could accept what Mr. Jimmy has to say. So thanks for the link. And I think God put these friends in my life so I can truly appreciate my Catholic faith. In researching pretty much every heavy Catholic issue, I’m really falling more in love with my faith and it’s becoming more real everyday. learning how to deal with protestants is just one more way i can grow. and I’d like to ask any Catholic on this thread, pray for his conversion. I may only be 17, but i understand a little bit about the power of prayer.

And on top of this put on Love, that is, the bond of perfection

First, it is only 91% of the true and complete bible. Secondly, each and every comment inserted into it is the product of private interpretation and/or imagination. No one on earth has any idea whether or not anything Mr. Swaggart believes or says is true. Other than that, it is most certainly an agenda-driven translation which supports Swaggart’s personal theology. Even the title is pretentious. Who died and made Jimmy both Pope and Council?

I’m old enough to remember his big sex scandal in the 80’s. It came at a time with other types of scandals in the tv preacher/charismatic world. Swaggert is one that never holds back and I think that is why people are drawn to him, the no-holds barr type of guy. I wasn’t a Catholic yet but was looking at the Church at the time. I remember Swaggert’s big and public and over drawn tearful “confession” and apology for seeing a prostitute. It made the news everywhere. My reaction to it was one big turn off and I thought at the time that the Catholic Church in regards to the private confession was the better way and more Biblical. It seems like having some sobbing show is not real confession. Swaggert later broke away from AOG when he refused to continue to submit to their authority and get continued help for his problems in seeing prostitutes. I was reading recently how he suspected again but this time he told his church to mind their own business. While your friends dad had a bad experience with a priest and the Catholic Church has had their share of sex scandals in 2000 years, I am wondering if possible to point out how Swaggert is a one man show, his own pope being held accountable to no one but himself. If possbile, ask him what does he see in Swaggert? Does he feel Swaggert has a conflict of interest in being so firey in his preaching yet being unfaithful to his wife? Does this show moral character and consistency? Should he judge the whole Catholic priesthood on one priest yet follow a known adulterer?

I don’t think John Salza is in union with the Church. If he is, he’s pretty near the fringe. His website sounds sede vacantist.

I hadn’t heard that. Maybe it’s another apostolate I have in mind. :shrug: :tiphat:

John Salza is not a sedevacantist. Please do your research before throwing around slanderous charges, for every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. If you have any evidence to the contrary, by all means correct me, but until then, keep your mouth shut. The Church teaches that we have a moral obligation to intepret everyone’s words in a favorable light before condemning them (CCC 2478).

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

“Jimmy Swaggart Made Me Catholic” --Tim Staples

I could see him making one a Muslim, Mormon or Atheist! :smiley:

Ugh, this crackpot believes in Geocentrism! :eek:


He’s entitled. :shrug: Still, it doesn’t negate his other good apologetic work. But, there are many good resources for Catholic teaching. Catholics really have no need to refute the objections/challenges to our faith, we only need to present the truths that Christ handed on through his Apostles when he founded his Church. We leave the rest to the Holy Spirit. :slight_smile:

Yea, I suppose he’s entitled to believe the world is flat as well…


Anywho, as far as Swaggart goes, too much swagger…

Then, there would be a few around who’ve said, “The Pope made me Protestant.”

lol :smiley:

Only because it has no relation to our salvation. I remember a passage from Sherlock Holmes in which Watson mentions the movement of the planets around the sun. Holmes comments something like, “Now that I’ve learned that the earth orbits the sun I shall try to forget it.” Watson is astonished at this. Holmes says that the movement of the planets has nothing to do with his area of expertise–crime, so it hardly matters to him.

For some people such things do matter to their faith, the same as a literal 6 day creation, but in the end it hardly matters with regards to our salvation. If the rest of his material is sound, it can be referenced, but one doesn’t have to use it since there are many good sources for Catholic teaching online these days. :slight_smile: I don’t hold to geocentrism, just so you know.

I still think the moon’s a big ball of cheese! :smiley:

(Kudos for the Holmes reference!) :thumbsup:

So do Wallace and Gromit, so you’re in good company. Mmmmmm! Cheese!

(Kudos for the Holmes reference!) :thumbsup:


The story is told that in the early days of his TV ministry, before the sordid expose of Jimmy Swaggert’s motel sex-capades, that whenever the ministry struggled for money to pay its bills and Jimmy was being threatened by the TV people to take his program off the air that he would launch into a tirade against Catholicsm and as a result the money would just pour in. Jimmy not only had a knack for appealing to the biases and prejudices of the Bible Belt, he exploited it for his own benefit. Following the expose of his sex escapades and in spite of his touching, tear filled request for forgiveness, his ministry suffered, both on TV as well as his local church. Now I see that he has revived his TV ministry in a somewhat new format and he is still appealling for money. In the shows of his church services there are very few scenes in which one can see the people attending. But in the few shots showing those attending his services there appear to be a lot of empty seats.

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