Jindal Threatens To Arrest Westboro Baptist Members Who Protest Funerals Of Movie Theater Shooting Victims

LAFAYETTE, La. (CBS Houston) — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says any members of the Westboro Baptist Church will face arrest if they protest the funerals of the two women killed in a Lafayette movie theater shooting last week.
In an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Jindal emphasized that the victims’ families should be able to grieve in peace.
Westboro Church is notorious for protesting and disrupting the funerals of soldiers and mass shooting victims, persisting that it was God’s plan for them to die.


If you believe it is God’s plan for the victims to die, why do you need to protest at the funerals? Doesn’t make sense to me. :shrug:

I suppose the members of this group believe that mourners are behaving against G-d’s plan so they must protest. They have a weird way of thinking. I applaud Bobby Jindal for his announcement. Freedom of speech has its limits.

While I’m not endorsing this group, I am concerned about the challenge to free speech posed by Mr. Jindal.
The newspaper article did not give his grounds for arresting the Westboro Baptists. I wonder what they might be?

Did you really expect a cult to make sense?

I appreciate Governor Jindal motives for ordering these arrests. But the Westboro Cult is all about publicity. This is giving them what they want.

Disorderly conduct was what first came to my mind. To paraphrase St. Peter, a disorderly conduct charge covers a multitude of sins.

If someone dies you still have to have a funeral whether it was God’s plan or not. Yes, they have a weird way of thinking and do seem to be looking for publicity. Where do they get the money to travel around thecountry and stage these protests anyway?

I also am glad Bobby Jindal is going to try to prevent them from protesting the funerals

There is a Louisiana statute that says protesters are not allowed within 500 feet of a funeral service, or within 300 feet (I think) of a motorcade for a funeral. He was basically letting the law enforcement officials know that they need to make sure this law is upheld. It was all for naught, the funerals were yesterday and there were no WBC members, which is probably for their own good. Cajun people are very protective of their own from outsiders, and known for being a little crazy. I’m not going to say that bad things would have happened had the protesters showed up, but I will say there’s a lot of places for one to disappear in our part of the swamp and leave it at that.

Free Speech goes just so far…to disrupt a funeral service is beyond their “rights.”

My friend used to say, “your freedom to swing your fist, ends at the tip of my nose.!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the information ShanPO. :slight_smile:

I have some sympathy for your friend’s position truetofaith. :slight_smile:
Having seen legal efforts to limit free speech near abortion clinics, I worry about undermining the first ammendment.

May God bless you and all who visit our thread.

If people are protesting the abortion clinic, I think there would be no problem, but if they are trying to stop women from going into the clinic…then those women’s personal rights are being violated!

Westboro seeks any and all attention they can get, frankly I have always believed that they seek to provoke people in a deliberate and offensive fashion in hopes of being assaulted so they have justification to sue. Its like waiving a red flag in front of an angry bull.

I agree with you! I am 100% pro life–sin excepciones–but I’ve never been a fan of the way most protesters tend to try to intimidate people that are already scared and suffering. Freedom of speech does have it’s limits and too often people push those limits to it’s extremes. I pray for the day our unborn are viewed as the beautiful blessings they truly are, but harassing broken people will only damage the cause not help it. I’m not saying that the other poster has ever done such things, it’s just been my personal experience with many others within prolife organizations. Honestly I think the mindset of the majority if people that decide to protest publicly borders in anger which creates a situation where boundaries are pushed or even ignored. Protest, anger, vengeance and hostility seem to go hand in hand. Peaceful protests don’t usually stay peaceful. It’s hard to protest out if live it compassion. The very nature of a protest is one of contempt. I honestly believe that there are much better avenues to be used to sway people to seeing truth than I can’t shout louder than you can so you must hear my voice.

But remember that Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church won a Supreme Court decision in 2011, giving him the right to picket legally, regardless of the message.

Protests do not need to be noisy. We hold 40 days for life prayer vigils each year in front of local Planned Parenthoods and find that prayerful presence and information sharing can save lives.
No anger, no contempt, no shouting…; 40 days of prayer, compassion, love, service. :slight_smile:

I was listening to the radio the other day, and the host mentioned that these guys tried to show up at a military funeral in Oklahoma. Somehow their van got multiple flat tires and all the repair shops were booked completely or out of equipment… too bad for them :smiley:

VERY sick people.

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