Job has come to live at my house...(and sometimes I wish he would make the visit short!)


Once again, I apologize if this question is in the wrong forum. I still feel like a new kid, in a new school, and I can’t find my way to the cafeteria yet (it’s always about the cafeteria, isn’t it? :D)

So, here’s my issue: My husband and I have had an unprecedented number of really terrible things happen to us over the past four years. In fact, there have been so many trials so regularly, that everyone who knows us, or has even heard of us, is sitting up and taking notice. I’m going to write a list (abridged, and as brief as possible), in an effort to support my claim:
–My husband was thrown from a car (he’s a cop, and was chasing a criminal; he leaped into the man’s car through the window; the suspect pressed the accelerator, and manged to throw my husband in the road, as he swerved around a corner.) Result: a spinal fusion for my husband.
–I had surgery, that developed complications; resulting in extreme, unrelenting pain for days. Morphine did nothing to alleviate the pain.
–my husband attempted to clean up a corrupt division in his police department. result: the people in question colluded to have him ousted…and it almost worked; Divine intervention brought the truth to light, but it was a terrible, frightening time.
–my husband developed a heart condition. He had one ablation that didn’t work.
–my husband had his second ablation 18 months ago, and the doctors botched the surgery. They punctured his aorta. He coded. He was resuscitated, but he had to use months of sick leave before he was strong enough to return to work. Chances of this happening: 1/1,000.
–I developed a fairly large tumor on my rib; result: I had to have the rib amputated. It was by far the worst pain I’ve ever known in my life (and I’ve had two children).
–my husband contracted a rare mycobacterial infection from fishing in the ocean. It has caused pain, and additional med. problems which are only now clearing up.
–my husband developed a severe case of pneumonia, but the x-ray showed some additional problems, and he began having difficulty breathing (I’m up to last Nov. '08 btw).
–my husband begins to have significant problems breathing. He ends up in Shock Trauma for Christmas through New Year’s, and beyond. Result: the punctured aorta that happened during the second ablation, allowed blood to leak into his pleural cavity. His body built scar tissue around his lung in response to the blood, and was strangling/choking his entire lung. He had to have major surgery to repair/disentangle the lung. He was in ICU for awhile, and then on a reg. floor for a few more weeks. Result: my husband has permanently lost 1/3 of his lung function (but he kept on working…you have to know my husband). Chances of this condition occurring: 1/1,000
-I develop some female issues, and have more surgery around Easter. More complications; more extreme pain.
–May, '09–my husband becomes violently ill. He beings throwing up, and starts complaining of extreme shortness of breath. He tries to wait it out for a few days, but we finally ended up in the ER. It turned out that he was in multi-system organ failure, due to gangrene that had completely eaten up his gall bladder. Worse…the sepsis had spread to his liver, kidneys and intestines. It turned out that he only had a 40% chance of survival…and after emergency surgery, a stint on the ventilator and ICU…he survived, and turned the corner on St. Rita’s feast day. The surgeon said he had never seen anything like it in his 20-year career. Chances of a condition like this: 1/1.000
–I had yet another surgery two weeks later. (But this one wasn’t as bad as the others.)
Think that’s it yet? No!
–Suddenly 10 days ago, my husband had an intense pain behind his right eye, and 24 hours later, he lost the sight in that same eye. After a flurry of doctors and specialists we discovered he had optic neuritis a fairly rare condition, that is usually the harbinger of MS. He started his IV steroids today…prognosis is, that he will get his sight back…in the next 3-12 months. He has a 1/4 chance of developing MS over the next two+ years.

And no, hes’ not working. He’s on extended sick leave.

Okay, if you took the time to read that, you can see that my husband has born the larger crosses throughout this journey. We have prayed, cried, prayed, and stormed the gates of heaven with sacrifice and prayer. We have never despaired, always grateful for our faith and our Beneficent Father in Heaven! And, as I’ve said so often, especially as of late, I no longer ask God why, because something larger than me or my husband is clearly going on here.

And then,…I got a well-meaning email from a friend of mine. She wanted me to consider the possibility that my husband and I (especially my husband) had a curse on us.

At first, I sortof chuckled, and then I thought I should at least ask the opinions of others regarding this matter. I have been identifying with Job (and even plotting our course along with Job’s trials, so that I can see how much longer we have before restoration! .:wink: ). And this begs the question…when is it a trial, a blessing, redemptive suffering, an expiation…a demonic attack…or a curse?

I’ve been in deep thought and prayer over this, ever since. I really need some opinions. Ultimately, I know our Father has this all under control, but I think this is something I should at least examine, in an effort to know what my response should be.

I suppose I’ve rattled on quite enough. Thanks for reading my saga…


Well, dear sparrow, there’s really only one thing to remember: these sufferings will be what you make of them. If you accept them as redemptive, then they will be redemptive. If you accept them as blessings from God for the purpose of saving souls, then they will be blessings. But if you listen to your “friend” and believe that you are “cursed”, not surprisingly precisely what Job’s “friends” said! Then it will become a curse, and you will end up cursing God, like Job did.

So there’s only one thing for you to do: seek God and His will for you, and accept whatever sufferings come your way, remembering…

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28 - also see Hebrews 12)

God bless, and welcome to CAF!


Oh Sparrow! That is indeed a trial! Please do not listen to your friend. God did indeed allow Satan to torment Job, but God is omniscient and knew all along that Job would be fine in the end. Keep close within the Sacred Heart and know that nothing can separate you from God except your own choosing. I beg of you to offer up your sufferings for the poor souls in purgatory and for those even less-fortunate than you who may be on the verge of death without being reconciled to God.

I will be praying for you.


It could possibly be a curse. It may have been placed on your husband by one of the corrupt cops he was investigating.

I recommend this prayer:

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I rebuke all spells, hexes, curses, voodoo practices, witchcraft, satanic rituals, incantations, evil wishes, and fasting prayers (not of the Lord) that have been sent my way, or have passed down the generational bloodline. I take authority over all of them and command that they go back where they came from and be replaced with a blessing.

I ask forgiveness for and denounce all negative inner vows that I have made and ask you, Lord Jesus, to release me from any bondage they may have held in me. I claim your shed blood over all aspects of my life and relationships, and ask you to wash away and cleanse me from all impurities, in your name, Lord Jesus Christ.


YES! (what she said…)

Keep in mind that, if indeed you have been cursed (by one of the corrupt cops, by one of the criminals, or one of their family members) each of these events (and hundreds of others that I imagine you haven’t mentioned) are not curses. Rather, they would be the effect of one curse, one curse placed through the power of the Evil One. G_D would not curse and would NEVER curse you; however, He would have permitted this to take effect knowing that good would come out of it. There’s no knowing how many souls have been freed from purgatory or how many souls have turned to or returned to G_D based on your example.

If, after praying the prayer that NFrancis gave you, you wish to explore this, try going to the Catholic Online Spiritual Warfare Education and Information Center, as well as St. Michael’s Call, which is also the home of the Padre Pio Center for Deliverance.

I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.


sorry but didn’t have time to read the entire post… will do so later…

i went thorugh awful stuff yrs ago… and it seemed like this for me… that nothing would ever go “right”…

I feel God allows this kind of thing… to try us… I know it sounds … well, whatever it sounds like… but i have gone through enough stuff to sense very stronly that this is true…

I can’t think of much to say at this time (so unlike me :rolleyes:) but… one thing occurs to me: Do you spend much time @ the Blessed Sacrament? Things seem SO much different to me when i am There… i don’t concern myself with the same things There as when not There… (and this without even trying…)

i go and sit in silence, at least for about 1/2 hour… before saying anything… because that silence seems to clear my head of the worldy “cobwebs” that collect there… :mad:

god bless… :slight_smile:


You have my prayers.

My only contribution though is this: Fr. Benedict Groeschel just published a little book called Tears of God: Persevering in the Face of Great Sorrow or Catastrophe (look up on Ignatius Press website). I read it after I saw him talk about it on his regular show on EWTN where he made the point that Christianity is the only religion ever whose God weeps for us and suffers with us. He’s a brilliant guy and the book is worth reading.



Just to let you know I’ve asked a number of friends to pray for your deliverance. May G_D send St. Michael and a legion of angels to stand guard around you, your husband, and your family.


Sparrow, even if it turns out there is some sort of curse or demonic attack involved in all of this, that does not take away one iota from any suffering involved being redemptive suffering. All things, even demonic attacks, work for the good of our souls (see Romans 8:28 and CCC #395).

At the St. Pio Center (mentioned in post #5), we recommend that clients offer up attacks for the salvation of souls. I like blogger Mark Mallett’s description of how he does this:

And so I prayed aloud, “I offer up the suffering of these attacks and temptations for the sake of those about to lose their eternal souls to the fires of hell. Every fiery dart thrown at me, I in turn offer that a soul may be saved!”

Source: Mark Mallett, “Fighting fire with Fire

The following steps are helpful in dealing with a curse, and will be helpful even if it turns out there aren’t any demons:

  1. Make sure you and your husband are attending Mass regularly and going to Confession - basically keeping the precepts of the Church. The Sacraments are the primary means of deliverance, and the precepts of the Church are the minimum one needs to do to keep a spiritual pulse going.

  2. Say a prayer to break curses; I recommend the Prayer Breaking Household Curses and Spells the Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog. (Unfortunately the direct link to that particular prayer isn’t working - you’ll need to go to the catalog and scroll down to it). There are many other prayers in this catalog you might find helpful.

  3. Begin the Seven Steps to Self-Deliverance. Even if there are no demons, these steps will help you grow closer to God.

  4. Read and reflect on this document, Christian Resignation as a Prerequisite for Freedom and Victory in Christ (pdf).

  5. As mentioned earlier, offer up all your sufferings. If they are demonic in nature, often demons will back off when they realize you are using their attacks for the good of God’s Kingdom.

  6. If you haven’t done so already, have your house blessed by a priest or bless it yourself. Here is one blessing that I recommend; this can be done by a priest or deacon, or a lay person following the modifications: House Cleansing and Blessing (pdf).

  7. If you’ve tried all of these things (the SPCDC recommends working on the Seven Steps for two months) and you still suspect you are under attack, you can contact the SPCDC for a personal consultation through the help page. Counseling is free of charge and by phone, but there is a waiting list. If the help request form is closed, check back every few weeks or so.

You are in my prayers.


oh Sparrow, I’m so sorry. Those are horrible ordeals to live through I’m sure. :hug1:
I don’t know why this is happening… but there are a few things that are for sure:

  • I’ve read once in a book by St Liguori that suffering can either take us to Heaven or to hell. Meaning that it can either sanctify us, or cause us to lose our faith and despair. And this is up to us. Keep on praying that God would strengthen your faith and the faith of your husband, and always offer up these trials to Him in union with the Cross.
  • remember Christ’s suffering on the Cross.
  • remember He is always with us, not looking at you from above, but really WITH you, sharing in your pain.

If this is a curse, make sure that you do not rebuke any demons or anything evil on your own, but rather pray to God and Our Lady. The devil fears them both. Pray to St Michael as well. There are deliverance prayers you can do but make sure you’re always calling on God and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, Saints, and Angels. It might also help to get a priest to come and bless your house. Keep blessed objects around, maybe scapulars… I’ve found it really helped me to carry/wear my Rosary too. (and pray the Rosary :)) even if this is not a curse, this will help you anyways. (if not to avoid the suffering, it would help to deal with it.)

But honestly, I don’t know. I pray Our Lord and Our Lady would watch over you and your husband always.:crossrc:

God bless


First, thank you for the outpouring of prayers, thoughts, support, hugs, and hope. I really wasn’t prepared for the positive impact they would have on me. You have lightened my burden a bit, thanks to your lovingkindness, which of course, is being Christlike. I’m sure our heavenly Father is pleased with all of you…His, “Good and faithful servants.” :grouphug:

I have taken much of your advice to heart, and have begun to see a larger picture emerging. My husband has spent hours and hours praying, and reading the Holy Scriptures (well, he’s been either in the hospital, or in pain, or in both) since he’s had so much time on his hands, and he, too, has felt that God is telling him to lay his suffering at the foot of the Cross for the poor souls in purgatory. :crossrc:

I am aware of the Padre Pio Deliverance Center, and have used several of the prayers, but I didn’t realize I should continue the prayers, and steps to self-deliverance. I will begin them again. I did try to get on the waiting list there, but the links were broken (which is sortof interesting), and I decided that God would deliver/assist/restore us when He was ready.

My husband and I live the sacramental life. In fact, we love our Catholic Faith. We are both converts. I had a dramatic conversion experience 18 years ago. I had an encounter with Our Lady (no, I’m not crazy, I promise; and I didn’t see her, I heard her), in a Catholic chapel, during a critical time in my life. To make a very long story-- very, very short, I became Catholic, and literally floated through my RCIA year. I’ve never looked back. And so, my husband and I are always aware of where we came from. For us, finding Holy Mother Church, was like finding water in the desert. (In fact, if I didn’t mention this before, I’m mentioning it now, my husband and I were the RCIA Directors for 10 years…it was one of the most conservative RCIA’s in the area ;); I only say that, because I know RCIA gets a bad rap sometimes). The reason I’m telling you this, is so that you’ll see how important it is for us, especially me, to seek God’s Will, in all of this, and to respond accordingly. Because I, too, long to be His, “Good and faithful servant.”

PS: I’m in the process of moving my blog, where I’ll have the story of my conversion posted. It should be up and running again, by mid-July. Are we allowed to post blog links? If not, let me know if you’d like the link to my conversion story. If you’re like me…I can never hear enough stories, because they are all testimonies of God’s GREAT MERCY. :bowdown2:


I know one way to promote you blog is to put a link to it in your signature.


Well…I didn’t want to exactly promote it. I just wanted to share my story, and it seemed like the best way. Thanks for the idea, though. I’ll think on it.


I should explain. I don’t want it to appear as if I have an agenda…and after reading my post, it looked as if I might. I don’t. I’m just very fond of conversion stories, and as one might suspect, I love to tell mine. :o :smiley:


It’s cool; not to worry. :slight_smile:


I very much look forward to your conversion story – I, too, love to hear/read them. (That’s why “The Journey Home” is “must see” tv for me on Mondays on ewtn.) Please let us know when your blog is up and running.

And you and your husband are in the prayers of many.

God bless,


I think offering the suffering for souls in purgatory is a wonderful idea, because they suffer so very much…and when they get to Heaven they will in turn pray for you :slight_smile:

that is so wonderful about your conversion!! I am a convert too and Our Lady also helped lead me to the Church.

I really think that your intention to please God with this and do His will, is in fact very pleasing to Him, and the faith He has given you is beautiful.

do you mind if I will keep you and your husband in my prayers?

God bless you :slight_smile:

PS: I’m in the process of moving my blog, where I’ll have the story of my conversion posted. It should be up and running again, by mid-July. Are we allowed to post blog links? If not, let me know if you’d like the link to my conversion story. If you’re like me…I can never hear enough stories, because they are all testimonies of God’s GREAT MERCY. :bowdown2:

I think it’s alright to post links to conversion stories! :slight_smile: I love reading them too!! and I’d love to read yours! :slight_smile:


Of course you may keep us in your prayers! :hug1: I have no doubt that it is prayer that has lifted us up, and held us securely during the most painful times in our lives.

I would love to hear your story, if you’ve got it posted somewhere. And yes, yes! I’ll tell my story! I’ll post it in the next couple of weeks on my blog. :smiley:

God bless, and thank you again, for the prayers.



I will pray for you! :slight_smile:

and I’m looking forward to your story! :wink:

I can send you mine, if you want, over PM =)


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