Job help, I am so upset

I am a preschool teacher for 2.5 - 3 year olds. When we have up to 19 kids in one class, it’s safe to say I work my tail off with my assistant. My child also goes to the preschool part time and I pay 400 a month for her care from my paycheck.
It’s conference week, so naturally I signed up for a conference for my daughter and just blacked out a time so that I could do said conference. I am booked with parents from 12-6 since yesterday and again today. Because we have so many kids there wasn’t room for one kid, which I was planning on doing a short phone call with when I had time (we always have a couple no-shows). My boss came slamming in, demanded I put said child in my child’s spot and whited out my child’s name from her classroom. She also said to my daughter’s teacher, “I’m not paying for two teachers to sit around and talk.”
Even if I can see her reasoning somewhat, I pay 400 a month, and to me, she might as well have said “Your child and you are not important”. She could have also went about it a different way; I spend SO much time doing extra work for my class and I pay for materials they won’t provide. I love my kids and my families but this isn’t the first time she has given me little respect. I told myself I would give myself the summer before I would decide to find another job or not (I get vacation time the end of July) but I am so angry and my feelings are so hurt I want to quit now. I don’t have to work; I just choose to to expose my daughter to preschool and because I loved being a teacher.
I guess I just need some advice from someone who doesn’t know my boss. I want to quit Monday, but I don’t want to quit my kids or the vacation time I’ll be getting lol. I am just hurt and upset and I don’t think I can take it anymore.

I can understand you being upset, but I would hold off and not quit in the heat of the moment. If you like your job, but not where you are, look for another job before quitting, or at least give notice and leave at the end of the school year for your local area.


If I quit I will be staying at home with my daughter. Not that that really matters, but finding a job isn’t important to me right now.

Yes, but if she goes off to school in a couple of years, you may want to look for a new position, and you might want to use them as a reference. So, don’t just up and quit is what I meant.


Ohhh I see. Yes I agree with you. My mom said the same thing. I was so tempted to just text her this morning and say “good luck! Peace out!” Of course I would never do that though haha

You lost me at parent/teacher conferences for kids before 1st grade.

As for the job, I know people who have to just take a hostile boss because they need the job, not sure if that is your situation. If not, I would escalate this one because you do pay tuition. You are a customer and deserve the same services provided to other customers.

It’s a conference for parents whose children spend most of their times with us. Since I dont have time to intimately talk with each parent about each child, it’s to sort of give them an update on their behavior, how theyre fairing, etc.

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I think that is reasonable. If one’s child spends most of their day away from home, I would appreciate knowing how my child’s social skills are, or whether the teacher notices something I don’t.

Hi Ella,

I definitely understand your frustration.

I agree with Irishmom.

I would also hold out and would just leave at the end of the school year and look for another job then.

God bless you!

I hope and pray that everything works out for you and your family! :heart:

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