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OK, I am finding myself in a situation where I need a job change.

Looking at newspapers online, and classified like monsterjobs, careerbuilders, etc. all the search criteria I use comes up with recruiting companies. There is one in particular that makes up a good 98% of the listings (and nothing good/bad said about them at the BBB site).

Is that now the norm? do employers now use these recruiters instead of placing their own advertisement? How do these things work? I mean, are they like Temp agencies where I can go form job to job to job depending where they send me? is the ‘pound the pavement’ method no longer valid?

so confused and a bit leery of these recruiters.


I’m looking for a job and run into the same thing. For the most part my experience with recruiters has been positive. Since they most likely work on commission, they will do everything in their power to help you get a job, which is nice. You get more feedback than you normally would about yourself and other candidates, and you have someone else trying to find good possibilities.

Get your name to the recruiters. There really isn’t anything to be afraid of.

My only caution is to make sure the recruiter is professional and competent. One recruiter contacted me with incomplete sentences and poor punctuation. He asked for feedback about his work (he was obviously a new employee), and I told him frankly (but politely) that if I thought I was really a competitive candidate for the position, I probably would have decided to contact the company myself instead of through him. Why would I want someone who has poor English skills to represent me?


If you have a corporate office with CitiFinancial in your area this is an excellent company to get involved with. I work in personal loan collections and the pay raises and bonuses have been more then expected.


Yep this is what i notice to. It’s kind of like a pre-interview for the company. I interviewed with the recuriter first and then the company and then the CFO. It saves the company time from having to look at applications. i guess in a sense it has become a form of outsourcing the payroll department.

Some jobs you can only find through the recuriters. I went to the company i interviewed at and looked up their avaiable job posting and the job wasn’t even listed. Seemed like they wanted to fill the position privately before they even listed it the general work population.

My sugggestion is get with a few recuirters and let them work for you. It helps you weed out the bad jobs before you waste your time interviewing. I had the best luck on career builders. I had a few recuriters call me back and even suggested my friend for one job that i thought was good but had come after i had already gotten my new job.

Best of Luck in your search.


It’s been my experience that the best way to find a new job is through networking with people in that field. It’s a lot of work and hit or miss, but it’s what works best in the end.


Thanks all

maybe I should get with the times and do the recruiter thingy :slight_smile:

I am considering a complete career change, but thinking along the lines of working for the Department of Corrections, about the only State job that pays good.

meanwhile, while I jump thru all those hoops to even be considered, I need a more stable job. Only good thing is I have a ton of experience in various different fields all within my line of work. So I hope getting whatI want will not be a issue.


I had very good experience with recruiters. As an entry-level person who just graduated and had very few connections, it really helped me get a job as quickly as possible. I went with more than one recruiting company, since I applied for multiple jobs, not realizing at first that I was really applying through these companies. However, one of the companies was really slow in finding any available jobs and contacting me and the other one was excellent. Plus, they get paid by the companies who are seeking employees rather than you having to fish out the money. My only problem was that I was pretty much having to work for a big company since those were the ones hiring these recruiters.

My uncle is a recruiter, working from home, and I know he is very successful with what he does. Sometimes it helps to have that in-between man at first. Then, he does a good amount of the ground work that saves time and possibly money for the company/person who is seeking to hire.


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