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This thread has very little to do with Catholicism. Sorry! I just need a third party to give me job-seeking advice.

I have been job-hunting with little success. Most of the jobs I have submitted to have been done online, but I have been going through temp agencies and attending job fairs because I do understand the value of having a real live person to give a good impression. My qualifications fall under administrative/clerical work and teaching. Most of the articles written on job hunting (Ask a Manager, CNN Money, etc) in the 2010’s discourages applicants from coming into a business in person to apply. My parents are both giving me a hard time because they think I SHOULD go into the business in person to hand in my resume. I am afraid of harassing potential employers by showing up, but my dad claims that my clean appearance and well-spoken mannerisms will work in my favor if I am pushy enough to get an HR person to talk to me as I am submitting a resume in person. My sister claims that my parents are wrong, and that usually making a personal appearance uninvited will automatically disqualify me for a job in the employer’s eye.

So who is right? I am really confused. My sister does have a good job with the same background as me, and she never submitted anything in person. My father, on the other hand, is an employer and says he only accepts resumes from people who come to his business in person (he runs a medical clinic).


I think it depends on the kind of job for which you are applying.

If the position requires specific training and experience, a written cover letter and resume would allow the employer to select possible candidates to interview.

However, if the position calls for “soft” skills, or working on a team, then showing up with letter and resume might get your foot in the door.

If the company has a good HR team, and you make a good impression, they can expedite the process.

Good luck!! :slight_smile:


If a posting specifically says no in person resumes, phone calls etc, you should follow that direction. If it’s ambiguous, then use your best judgment based on type of job etc.

I work from home, but the corporate office is completely locked down during the day and no one can get in without a key card or appointment. That is a pretty common practice these days, especially in industries that don’t deal with a walk-in public. So you may get there and not be able to get inside.

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