Job hunting while pregnant


OK…here is the thing. I am a committed stay-at-home mom. However, I have worked part-time outside my home for the last two years. I am currently throwing a paper route, but have also worked for the newspaper unloading trucks and preparing the tables for the carriers by stacking bundles of product in readiness for their use. I was a carrier before that, and am one again due to my current pregnancy. The other job was too physical for my burgeoning form.

I am about four months pregnant with my fifth child. You large family mamas will know that you start popping out earlier with later babies, because a lot of your muscle tone is gone. So, I look much further along than I am.

I saw a job opportunity in the newspaper that I really want to pursue. It is a job that requires a bachelor’s degree, and I have one. It’s a company that administers and scores tests for schools, and I would be reading and scoring tests. There is an evening shift, 6-10 p.m., that I am interested in. It would fit around my husband’s job, and it would be better than what I am doing now, because I could sleep like a normal person instead of getting up at 1 a.m. everyday and then trying to grab naps when my little ones will let me. (Yeah, right…) It also pays vastly better and would allow me to stop putting so many miles on our needed family car.

So, I am going to go on a job interview obviously pregnant. I know it’s illegal for them to discriminate against me for that reason, but I also live in the real world. If they think I am only a few weeks from delivering, they are NOT going to hire me. The reality is that I have many months in which to be valuable before they would lose me temporarily, and I will be back. It’s not like my family will stop needing money once we have more kids!

How do I handle this? It will be impossible to answer the question as to why I left my last job without mentioning my pregnancy. And trying to get through the interview without it coming up is going to feel like there’s a big green elephant in the room. Plus, how can I communicate that my physique does not indicate my due date? I know it’s illegal for them to bring it up… would it be unwise of me to bring it up? Would it be un-wiser to try to ignore it and realistically expect them to? I really want to have a chance at this job!

Any advice from moms who have been there? HR experts hanging around here? What do I do? I am in Arizona, if that helps you with any legal details.



First, Jennifer…congrats on your pregnancy!

Second…I think that you just be up front. Say perhaps how many months along you are, and that you are looking for parttime work. Obviously, from what you say, one can tell you are pregnant. I often try to put myself in the seat of the person looking to hire someone. If it were you, would you want to hire someone for your business, who might leave in a month or so? (you said you look far along) So, be up front. I think it’s best to do that. They cannot discriminate, true–but if they want a long commitment from someone, often, that’s how they skirt around certain legal issues.

But, it’s best to be up front…and state your intentions. And, then leave it in God’s hands. If it’s His will for you, you will be granted the job…but you never know,unless you try for it. Hope I’ve helped? Good luck!


I have interviewed for work while pregnant and I brought it up during the interview. We had specific plans for my maternity time and what I would do after the baby was born so I wanted to make sure that was considered. I think it would be better for you to be up-front and positive about your plans than try to ignore it. Of course you’ll also want to dress in your most professional and flattering maternity outfit!


I would just be up front, they can see the obvious, but make it clear, my baby is due in October, this is my 5th, I definitely plan to keep working, I went back to work after my other pregnancies, I have always recovered quickly and expect to be out no more than ___ weeks, which will I hope be covered by sick leave.


You could even bring this up in the context of a question about sick leave policies or something. Most interviewers ask you if you have any questions.

I’m not an HR person, just wondering aloud. :slight_smile:


I agree with LittleRose. When you are given the opportunity to pose questions, bring it up in very much the way outlined by puzzleannie. She’s a smart one!

Put a positive spin on it if they ask why you left the previous position. Instead of focusing on the problematic physical aspect of that job while pregnant, focus on the desire to continue working and the strenuous hours. “My previous job required very early morning hours during 3rd shift, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to have a healthy sleep pattern. I wanted to get settled into a new position well before this baby delivers. I am looking for a permanent, part time position that I can maintain while caring for my soon to be 5 children without compromising my need for restful, healthy sleep. I was so excited when I learned about your opening because the hours correspond perfectly to when my husband is available to put the children to bed.”

ETA: Once you’ve covered your intentions professionally, forget about worrying that they’ll discriminate. After all, would you really want to work for someone who would toss you aside just because you’re pregnant?


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