Job interfering with sunday mass obligation

Hi. Im unemployed at the moment, but Im likely to get an joboffer that involves working every other weekend as well as weekdays.
I will be prohibited from attending the saturday mass (sundaymass held on saturday) as well as the actuall sunday mass due to the hours this job requires.

Im in great need of this job, but am I living in sin if I take this job or am I good to go?
Without this job I cant see myself coming back into the jobmarket for foreseeable future and I need Money to live like any other person.

Mortal sin or not?

  • Pax Christi

Yes you can accept the job if offered it. The proper course of action is to talk to your pastor about this matter. In general when our work requires Sunday work and does not permit mass attendance one can be dispensed. Simply talk to your pastor about it.

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