Job Loss and Hope


Still praying very hard for your family!


still praying for you and for your family. God bless


Continuing to keep you in my prayers


Still praying very hard for you!


I pray in union with all here for you and everyone else here whose is in the same position you are. I hope you all receive a Christmas miracle…your plight at the present time is so much like Mary & Joseph at the time of Jesus’ birth…I also pray you feel the Adorable Presence of Jesus as He walks with you through your agony:crossrc:


Continuing to keep you in my prayer and, Jackd201, too. I pray for you both.


Here is a link to the [Novena to find Employment](“Novena to find Employment”) .

I pray that your husband will find a job, that your car will be fixed, and that you can get to mass. I pray that you will not lose hope.

~~ God Bless.


Praying and praying for you…:byzsoc:


Still praying for you dear Amie. You are always in our mind.


Our prayers are still with you Amie, may you be filled with renewed faith, hope and love. God bless you


Still praying Amie. God bless


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