job/Mass conflict

I am taking part in an out-of-town company function (at our company’s main office) the weekend of August 7-8. Because of the function’s schedule I am not sure that my wife and I will be able to get to Mass. Although there are evening Masses in our home town, we will not arrive home in time to attend any of these.

I contacted a company representative two weeks ago about Mass times and locations near the event and she said she would get back to me the next day. She didn’t.

My question is; can my wife and I attend this event in good conscience knowing that we may not get to Mass? (our window to get to Mass and back is from about 3pm to 6:30pm) I must add that, regretably, if I told my supervisor that I could not attend this function, only a little more than a week away, I would be in very, very deep trouble with him.

This would be another traveling situation: If you are genuinely unable to attend Mass because you are traveling – and, in this case, you are traveling for work, not leisure – you are dispensed from the Sunday obligation.

If you wish to keep looking for a local Mass to attend during the trip, you can call the diocese of the host location, consult with your hotel concierge, or go to Mass Times.

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