Job seeking and prayer request


I will be losing internet and phone any day now as I’m 2 months behind and won’t be able to catch up until employed. I am trying where a former co-worker & friend of mine just got hired. I’m guessing a month to two months possible w/out service or at the very least a few weeks… AFTER I’m employed.

Praying to keep learning Catholicism since I so obviously missed it the first time around. I’m sure once life is a little more normal job-wise everything won’t seem so on edge.

God bless you all!


Praying very hard to St. Joseph for you to find work!


Still have DSL and phone at the moment but I’m 2 months behind in the bill and can’t catch it up until I have regular income. Checking to see if I can get my Tracfone cell phone working… otherwise have prepaid long distance cards that are still valid so ‘should’ be able to use them on a pay phone (I think, hope). My resume is posted with the current/soon to be off phone number though. Got to trust in God, walk by faith and not by sight, I know this. Thank you, I do appreciate it!


Praying that you quickly find a job.


Praying that you find a job. Trust,trust,trust in Our Lord.
Search your heart and confess all sins that way you can kneel at Our Lords feet with a pure heart. Also, daily mass and Holy Rosary, they will change your life.
God Bless


Praying for you Roza…


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