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I need advice about employment. I am currently working at an insurance company in a call center environment. It’s very stressful & I’ve been in a major depression for a while now. I really think it stems from this job as my personal life is fine. I decided to apply at Mardel Christian & Education & have an interview tomorrow. I REALLY want to work in a positive Christian environment & believe this place will be just that. My mom works there part time & loves it. Anyway, the problem is I’ll probably make half of what I currently make now…yikes! Has anyone ever made a drastic move like this as far as a job is concerned? I mean you know the saying “money isn’t everything”. I’d just like to know if you all think I’m crazy:p . I think finances will be tight but, we can manage.

No, you are not crazy! I work in insurance, and have for years (10+) and have really enjoyed it, but I’m in sales and marketing. I know that call centers can be highly stressful. If you want a change, go for it. If the finances will be tight, you never know, maybe with this new job (if you get it) you could be promoted? God works in mysterious ways. It’s never good to be stressed out from work. I think that some stress can be considered good, but not the stress you’re speaking of. I wish you great luck on your interview–prayers are being sent to you!!!:slight_smile:

Here is my story. I was making pretty good money doing something I really enjoyed. But I was still unhappy. Because of the time required to get to and from work, I rarely had time for my wife and children. And, because we needed the money at the time, my wife (God bless her) never complained. I was also negligent in spending time with my mother, who lives in another city 20 minutes away. I also had to frequently miss Mass, as Sundays were a required work day for me. I prayed to God for a solution that would allow me to have time for my family, my mother, and for Him and at the same salary. I told my wife about it. As I said, we really needed the money coming in so it was a tough decision to give notice–but I did. Without losing a beat, another job similar to the one I had became available–at about half of my previous salary. But–I would be home every night, and have Sundays off. The kicker was that I would be located directly across the street from my mother’s home!! The money was only about 65% of what I was making, but I think to ask God for more than he presented would have been greedy. lol. I have worked there now for 15 years and am making about 20% more than I was (accounting for inflation) in my last job ( with NO mortgage, tuitions paid for and cars paid off) and everybody’s happy. So my advice is to pray, and then to recognize the answer to your prayers when God presents them to you.

Been there and done that. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Money will never make you happy. Your insurance job pays more because of the stress, etc and there’s a certain (higher) pay scale attached to it in order to get people to do the job. For many of us, there’s more to life than money.

I went so far as to go to a psychologist because I was so unhappy. Every week, we spent 50 minutes talking about how much I hated my job, but she never suggested I look for another job. It was such an easy and obvious solution.

Thanks for the responses. Well, I went on my interview today. I get sooo nervouse in interviews but, he was a very nice man. I guess I’ll find out in a few days if I get the job.:gopray2:

Adding some prayers that should you accept this job, your Mardel’s will be more Catholic Friendly than than usual.

I just wanted to let you all know that I got the job & gave my 2 weeks notice today! I’m so happy! Thanks again for all of the replies.:slight_smile:

Praise be to God!!! I’m so happy for you!! ((hugs)) Good luck!:slight_smile:

Thanks Whatevergirl! I was going to tell you that I’ve been in insurance for 10 yrs as well. I started out in data entry & worked my way up to underwriting. Then it seemed companies started combining underwriting with customer service(call center). All I can say is Yuck! I’ve only been in the call center environment for about 2 1/2 yrs, though. I never would have thought it would be a stressful job until I actually experienced it. I’m definately glad to be leaving the insurance world for a while(& maybe forever:D ).

Yes, I have heard that. I have always been on the sales/marketing/mgmt side of the house. I started in personal lines, now I’m in commercial, but I see what how our client service staff works…I mean, some of them are there until 8pm at night? That is just crazy, and unfair. I am really happy that you have found something different. If I ever leave the company I’m with–I too will leave the industry–just to do something new, you know?

God bless you on your new endeavor!!!:slight_smile:

Congratulations!!! You’ll feel like a new person when you look forward to going to work instead of dreading it. :slight_smile:

Six years in insurance here, I spent my first two years in a call center and it was soul-sucking :frowning: I too went into a major depression - to the point where I actually had to see a psychiatrist. Thankfully, I was moved into our commercial area four years ago.

Congrats on the new job!

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