Job Stress... Help!

I work for a physician who is also my employer. I am being treated for and issue that I have been experiencing for about six months. The medication I am taking has helped tremendously. I am also on another medication that my doctor/employer also prescribed, for a condition that my office also “Specializes” in. We are a “Specialty” practice. However, the usual drama that happens in work places was happening where I work. My physician/employer told the General Manager what the medication is that I am taking, and that it has helped quite a bit. A Nurse Practitioner that left this practice and was in this “meeting” stated that this was a “major Hippa violation.” She stated this in her resignation letter and that “she didn’t need to know this.” Now, the GM has made my life rather difficult by cutting my hours and 40% of my pay. There is so much more, I am a nervous wreck trying to figure out how to pay our bills. My question is this. Should I report this to HHS for this violation? My fear of now losing my job has me very stressed out. The next question would be if I have a right to sue my doctor for this violation… I have a nervous stomach all the time and losing weight… help! Any advice is appreciated!

This is a question for a lawyer, not a Catholic forum. The forum specifically prohibits giving legal advice.

You have a really complex situation.

Go to your employer and doctor.

Let her know you want to get out of all these difficulties.

The answer is love.

I am sure the two of you can make it all legal through a legal contract directed by love.

If you wish to love, and you do. Then together the two of you can smooth all of the problems away with love.

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