Jobless Rate Rises in Most US Cities

WASHINGTON—The job market in April was tougher than a year ago in hundreds of U.S. metropolitan areas, according to data the U.S. Labor Department released Wednesday.


The American unemployment rate in this Country is 9.9% according to Government April figures.
Due to Government over-spending, we are no longer a weathy Country. We are in debt that will effect not only our generation but families in the future as well.

We must get our borders under control;
and then give green cards to immigrants when jobs are available, thus guaranteeing them minimum wage and some benefits.
Employers must be prosecuted for hiring “illegal” immigrants. The law is already on the books. This will also help keep illegal immigrants from being exploited.

As individuals we must be Charitable and help our fellow Americans who are struggling with unemployment through no fault of their own.
We must also help others if we have the means.
All falls under the principle/teaching of “subsidiarity”.

This all falls within the social teachings of the Church as defined in our Catechism.

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