Jobless rate rises to 26-year high

I thought the stimulus was supposed to curb unemployment, keep it under 9 percent?

"Jobless rate rises to 26-year high
U.S. economy shed a larger-than-expected 467,000 jobs in June

Employers cut a larger-than-expected 467,000 jobs in June, driving the unemployment rate up to a 26-year high of 9.5 percent, suggesting that the economy’s road to recovery will be bumpy. "…

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Cannot have a Marxist revolution until you **totally **wreck the economy. Agenda going as planned… right on schedule… patience comrade:rolleyes:

“The worse, the better” as Lenin was given to saying.

Personally, I don’t think employment is going to improve until business people, particularly small business people, know what all the one-party state passes and get a chance to think it through for future planning. Right now, it’s just too scary and uncertain, to think about planning for the future, which is one reason why I believe such vast amounts of uninvested money is sitting on the sidelines in money funds.

I wonder how many “full” time workers are now down to 32 or 35 hours. Both my husband and SIL fall into this. Not unemployed. Hourly rate not down. But income down around 20%.:shrug: Is there a statistic for this kind of “non-layoff layoff”?

I think in Europe they call it “normal”. Might be that’s where we’re headed. I hope not, but it could be.

I saw some numbers on that a month or so ago. The average “fulltime” hourly employee was working 33.1 (or something like that) hours per week in the first quarter of 2009. The same period a year early was just under 36 hours per week.

When President Obama said the stimulus package was a sucess I first thought what have you been smoking?

I know I am still working 4hr weeks. I am not unemployed and still have a job but tell me how does one manage to survive on 4 hr weeks. I still have no health insurance. As far as I can see his stimulus package helped the rich, but forgot us the American people.

How’s that Hope and Change working out for you all? :bigyikes:

*We can’t blame the unemployment rate on Obama. lol It was starting to spiral downward long before he took office. I didn’t vote for Obama, but it takes time to ‘create’ jobs, when companies are merging, going through buy outs, or closing their doors. I think he is making a big push through the energy sector…so we’ll see. But, I think it will get worse before better, now how bad things will get BECAUSE of him being in office, is yet to be seen. But, if a repub was in office, we wouldn’t be seeing lower numbers, most likely. Unless we elected a magician as President. My prayers to everyone who is being ‘right sized,’ as they say, or has been given less hours. :frowning:

I wonder why so many companies don’t seem to have ‘safety nets’ in place for these types of situations? I mean, the minute new business takes a fall, they have to start laying people off? It’s not like we have been in this for years, and now companies have to finally let people go…it seemed almost instantly, when the mortgage crisis happened…then the banks…it was like weeks later, companies starting tanking, or doing massive layoffs. Companies need to start managing their money a bit better, for the days when new busines isn’t flowing through the door. I dunno, I’m not an economist, but it just has me scratching my head…were we this overstaffed in our country, or were these companies just not saving enough money to be prepared for something like this? :confused:*

But President Obama promised.:crying: If we vote for him we wouldn’t have to worry about our house, our car, our jobs. He promised he would take of these things:crying: why can’t he make those evil companys’ stop the lay offs? is he not in control? :crying: he promised…:crying:

A responsible company has to keep its production in line with its sales. That’s true whether it is producing widgets, plumbing repair, or architectural plans. When the sales are not there, the company has to cut back. If it doesn’t, it quickly arrives at the point where the cash to make the payroll isn’t there either. What do you do when your own cash flow declines? Dip into savings and keep spending at your previous rate? Or do you cut back on things?

Note there were depressions in 1807, 1837, 1873, 1893, and 1930. The economy recovered all by itself in the first four, and came back stronger then before. Only in 1930 did the government become involved, and then unemployment stayed in double digits until 1940. It stayed high regardless of all the programs Roosevelt created.

Great point, people don’t realize failing of the economy is what Obama and those like him really want. They are too blind to realize, what the far left really want is to destroy our economy so they can reshape American into the false utopian world in which they think they can create. They refuse to realize mankind is fallen and there will always be shortcomings, forcing more control over the market (which is enslaving individuals from their own choicies) is not going to help, but enslave.

What is really strange it is not PC to point certain behavoirs (such as sexual immorality) are bad for you, but when we get government health care those same behavoirs may decide if one gets or is refused certain treatment and care…

Goverment Health Officer to male aids patient, “ummm, let see the last time you were here, ummm, oh just 8 weeks ago, how did you get ahead on the list?, must be a big DNC contributor? oh, so you are gay? ummm, lets see… (looking at health record), wow recently married a young cute boy from Vermont, congrats dude, (patient shows wedding pic he keeps in his wallet) :wink: good looking guy, ummmm, welllll:), you have had a fun life, but, :o I’m sorry to have to tell you we cannot approve any more medicine to control your condition, :imsorry:(wispering with a nudge) low tax returns with the collapse of IBM. But, good news:)… we can approve for you a prescription for some medicinal marijuana.”:hey_bud: NEXT…

*:wink: I hear ya. But, maybe those who voted for him need to see that he had no business making promises he couldn’t keep. Sadly, many of us who didn’t vote for him, will be paying for that, but hopefully, this will cost him the next election! We have to ensure he doesn’t get re-elected. My dh says, ‘but once the damage is done from this guy, it won’t matter what happens, no one will be able to undo his healthcare plan, and all the other bad spending agendas he has in place.’

I know, but we still have to ensure that he is a one term President. *

President Obama is not the first President to lie to us. No one knew if President Bush told us the truth either. Lying seems to be a pattern for those who run for Political Office, but I wonder if we the American voter is not part of the problem when we keep on electing people to political office who lie to us. We may catch them in a lie before the election but they still get the vote. Yet, these same people who didn’t think the lie meant anything before the election and excused it, are now surprised.

Maybe people will wake up and realize that when you have a President like Bush and Obama who the people do not trust to tell them the truth than we have a serious problem. When we do not trust our own President and government because they have lied to us than we start to loose faith in our political system. That is beginning to happen. We have many people who do not vote because they see no difference between the two parties. They see two faces of the same party. We have the best government that money can buy but that wasn’t the principles that America was founded on was it. It was Lincoln who said we are a government for the people by the people.

Tell me why do we as a generation accept people in political power in our government who have lied to us? Why do we not insist that people in government be honest, honorable and have courage to stand for what is morally right?

This is 4th of July weekend, and it saddens me but if my ancestors who fought in the American Revolution were to pay us a visit today they would weep. They would not be happy that we have allowed ourselves to be so weak of character that we would continue to elect people to the office of President who lie.

It isn’t only Obama who lies, but the whole corrupted system of these two political parties is one big sham too. Will the people stand up and get behind a third party that has not been corrupted by the large corporate elite in this country? Will they stand up and say they don’t want some smooth talker or good ole boy for President but that they only want an honest man who is not afraid to tell them the truth? No more shams or lies, but just the honest truth.

Bush is history, what we need to worry about is the situation now and if what the politicians in Washington are doing is helping or hurting. Common Sense tells us it is hurting. Many of the things this administration is doing started with the last, but has been enlarged ten/hundredfold. If it was bad under Bush (stimulis/tarp for one example) why would just doing it on a larger scale be good today?:shrug:

We don’t solve probelms by shifting blame. “I not the first to commit stupidity(or lie), but I bet’cha I can be more stupid (or deceive while looking smarter) then the last one…” isn’t a viable excuse for continuing bad policy.:rolleyes:

:okpeople:Vote them all out… push for and demand term limits… no more carreer politicains… no more foxes guarding the hen house… no more should lawyers be allowed to hold office in congress …


The only common sense and responsible thing for our elected officials to do is to keep passing bills they don’t read. It’s like rolling dice, eventually they’ll get it right and pass a bill that won’t devastate the economy. They also need to give the treasury secretary more authority. He’s the only one we can trust and he’s brilliant.

Buckle up your seatbelts folks, cus the spending just started. Cap and Trade is only going to make things worse. We will find out how resilant our economy is as the current policies grind it to a screeching halt.

Smart people know we can’t change the past (history). Smart people do realize that we need to have learned from the past (history). Politicians have learned to change history. So then how do the people learn from a history they don’t know about.
IMHO we need to teach ourselves and our children the good, bad and ugly of the past to provide them with any hope for a future.

Well I am now one of those ‘right-sized’ people–or will be in a few weeks. Thankfully I will get severence and my dh is emplyed. But I would like to be able to help the dc with college, keep contributing to church and charities, etc. Pray for me as you go about your business…

Will pray for you and yours. Please keep my family and I in your prayers also.

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