Jobs in Catholic Media


How does one go about finding a job in the Catholic media, press, or publishing?


You could start by contacting your local diocese office. Many have print publications. If you’re looking more for broadcasting, give a Catholic radio station a call. Let them know you’re interested. Those are a couple of ideas to start. Good luck and God Bless!


With modern technology, there are many Media options that did not exist previously. It's not all that difficult to create a website, a blog, self publish a book, do your own Internet radio show. It's amazing how many things you can do to get yourself noticed in the field of Catholic media. Above all, stay close to the Lord and PRAY!



Following up on St Martins query, can I get a job in Catholic media even without experience?How do I go about working in Catholic media?


Well, first of all, do you have a portfolio? Any works that you’ve published anywhere, including online? A blog, perhaps? Whatever type of media outfit would first need to see that you’re up to the task, even if writing has heretofore merely been an avocation. So if you haven’t already, start writing for an hour daily, the focus being on essays (yes, the same type you learned all about in English 101). And of course, read a lot: other essays, like those published in higher-end magazines like The Atlantic and Harper’s, biographies, anything you might take a special interest in.

If you haven’t taken that yet, do so. In fact, get the undergrad degree in English. Indeed, get the graduate degree in English if you can afford that and it seems prudent. (That can open up the field of teaching if publishing falls on hard times.) And of course, write and publish throughout that period in order to build up your portfolio.


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