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I wasn’t really sure what forum to put this in, so this shall do…
So as I am thinking of what kind of job I want to pursue, I feel as though I will only be happy if the job is Christ-centered. One thought has been on my mind for a while. This is opening up a Christian/Catholic store which sells religious articles, gifts, books, etc. I also want it to have clothing. Many girls dress very inappropriately and say it is because all the stores only sell revealing clothes. Which is partly true, dressing modestly nowadays take effort! So I would want it to have modest yet cute clothing. Maybe even some t-shirts with different quotes and saying that glorify God! So when I think of opening my own business, I don’t want it just for the money. I want this to be a way of glorifying God and helping evangelize. But at the same time, if I went through with it, it would need to be somewhat successful in order to stay open. So any comments or advice of how I could go about this in a realistic way? It’s kind of just a little dream I have as of right now. Thanks :wink:
God bless!

Anything in the Healthcare, carer for elderly and disabled.
Volunteer as a sacristan
Clean the church
Teacher assistant at a catholic school

Charity works for anyone except gay establishments. Unless it’s for sexuality conversion lol.

These are some great ideas to consider! :slight_smile: Thanks, and did you have any thoughts on the idea I posted above?

every morning I pray that I do the day’s work with excellence to His glory.

For now, see if you can work in a local store (I assume you are a student?). A LOCAL, non-chain/franchise store will allow you to see the backround of running a business, payroll, negotiations with credit card companies to have the machines, what happens with merchandise that doesn’t sell, how to determine if something should be carried, how to work with various types of clients, bad/good employees, how to determine markups, etc… you’ll get great insights.

It doesn’t need to be clothing, either- any type of local retail store should give you some great experience, and then I’d grab a degree in business or accounting to go with it when you go to college.

Thanks:) And yes, just graduated! But the idea of this excites me.

I’m glad you want to do work that will help the Kingdom. I would think with a few hundred dollars and a design or two you could get some t-shirts made and sell online: etsy;craigslist etc. Websites are fairly easy to design and you could put a link on your signature line “see my t-shirts” or something like that and go on various forums and post frequently. It’s free advertising…

Most jobs can glorify God, if you’re willing to orient them that way. Instead of looking around at various fields, why not find one that you’re good at and enjoy, then use your talents to direct that position towards God?

I too was thinking it is difficult, and financially very risky, to start up a retail business, and a good alternative might be to work for an established store for a while, and see if it’s what you want to do.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a Christ centered career. However, please do not insinuate other jobs do not glorify God. Accountants, hairdressers, grocery store clerk, scientists, engineers, firefighter may not at first thought sound Christ centered but they all provide a very vital service to society and do glorify God if it is God’s will the person should do it

I do realize that any other job can glorify God:) We need each and every one of them to get through our daily lives! I just personally feel I would be more comfortable in an environment where God can be the focus and actually be allowed at.

Good suggestion :slight_smile: And if I decided to go into some other career (like teaching, which I consider), that could be an awesome side job!

Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.

Any job, even street sweeper or septic cleaner, can be God centered. It’s up to YOU, not the job, to make it so. :slight_smile:

I too have wanted to do this but did not follow through. If you are young and financially able to start a business, go for it. I think your ideas are great! Establish a business plan and find out if their is a local catholic business man in your area who is successful and get some advise. Do not go in business with anyone, that may create issues and conflict. Pray to Our Lord and He will inspire you.

Good luck and God bless,

If it’s clothes you’re interested in, get a job in a clothing store and see if you can’t find someone who can help you learn to design your own clothes. If that all works out, then you can start you’re own line of clothes that are what you’re looking for. But make sure the stuff will sell well. Last thing you need is a store full of clothes no one wants. And, yes, it’s hard running your own business. So be very sure before you venture out on your own.

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