Jobs you know you are just not cut out for


I am definitely not cut out for nursing. Fear of injections as a patient and even blood tests remind me that I could never be one.
I think nurses have to be cool under pressure. I mean someone going into cardiac arrest for example. I would more likely have a panic attack at the same time. How embarrassing and how dangerous!
Which reminds me…any job which requires calm under pressure, I cannot do.
I hold sports umpires, referees and officials in high esteem.Why? because they have to often make unpopular decisions on the spot. Dealing with grumpy players and spectators too. It is a job that requires courage under fire.
Soldier? No of course not. For reasons outlined already. I am, trying to imagine the anxiety levels of soldiers on their first mission ,using their weapons. I’m glad there are human beings who can handle pressure better than I. Thank you Lord!


A few occupations that come to mind where I just don’t have the right stuff:

Entrepreneur or business owner.

Professional sports athlete.


Sometimes I think I’d make a good hermit, but those jobs are hard to come by and don’t pay very well.


hermit jobs? :slight_smile:


I read somewhere that in the old days wealthy landowners would let a hermit or anchorite live on their property and provide room and board in exchange for the hermit’s prayers for the patron’s wellbeing. I could do that :thinking:


It was actually quite fashionable to have your own hermit.
And when friends came over to visit, you could take them to see the hermit.

Sounds like a pretty cool gig to me…


One of my uncles is a shepherd


Waiter, bartender, or other retail jobs.



Glad you brought up how God designs each of us with our own unique talents. I can’t figure how anyone would want to study the social sciences, economics, physics, genetics, math, or would ever want to play baseball or any kind of ball.


The hermit probably would keep the lights out and door shut. They had a sign out front: “sorry, no visitors please, I’m busy being a hermit.”


I umpired in my kids’ ball leagues for years. The first thing you learn; by the end of the game you have no friends on either side and you go home and drink by yourself.

My ideal job, given anything in the world? Lighthouse keeper in the north Atlantic. All the solitude a person could want, plus ideal weather year round. Unfortunately most of these positions are now automated.

I work in purchasing in a hotel, the only hotel job I would ever want and I’ve been here for 37 years. I could never be in sales, work the check in counter, serve in the bar, or be in human resources. My job allows me to work very independently with minimal human contact. Plus, besides the GM, I’m the only one here with a private office. Not only that, they moved me to the second floor where no one can find me. Pretty much ideal in every way. :slight_smile:


I faint at the sight of blood, so, any job that involves that.


I feel at home studying physics and maths. I have always worked in scientific or engineering careers and these careers fit me quite well.

I am socially awkward so I can’t fathom being a nurse, retail worker, elementary schoolteacher or counselor. I’m just not a people person.


Anything with math because I’m slow at it.

Anything involving finance, stocks, real estate, taxes because I find them mind-numbingly boring besides involving numbers.

Sales because I’m not pushy enough.


What’s your job?


Jobs I’m not cut out for:
Soooooo many
Salesperson and especially not MLM type sales (too much pent up rage about being targeted and exploited by annoying salespeople to do it to others)
Entrepreneur (not enough of a risk taker)
Uber driver (i have crashed into my own garage)
Exotic Dancer (…)
Anything that involves keeping plants alive
Judging by how often I burnt myself carrying fajita skillets, we can add waitress to the list


I’d be a terrible salesperson (cars! financial services! Best Buy! advertising! insurance! traveling software/medical supply/pharmaceutical/consumer goods rep!). And I’d be terrible at outdoor work (yard work/farmer/ranger/firefighter/surveyor/etc).

I’d also be terrible at working with my hands-- carpentry, plumbing, electrician, that sort of thing. Three-dimensional objects and I just don’t get along.

I can work with ideas and paper and information all day long!


Hmmm. On the Uber driver. Once, one of my sisters backed the car out of her garage, after her husband had carefully backed it in the night before.


My job title is IFTI or Internet Forum Thread Initiator.
Internet Forums seek me out to go on their forums and wake people up. Fortunately, starting thrilling threads comes naturally to me. If replies number over 50, I get a small retainer of 10 dollars per post over the 50 mark. It’s not huge money but I am able to buy some excellent treats for Rumplestiltskin. (my dog) He is happy and that’s the main thing.


Hmmm, sounds like you need a REAL JOB…


Me too, and I get crushed whenever anyone says no to me.

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