Jodie Foster comes out as gay

Jodie Foster moves the Golden Globes audience to tears as she comes out as gay

Jodie Foster was the talk of the Golden Globes after an emotional speech while accepting the Cecil B DeMille Award for lifetime achievement.

The usually fiercely private actress, 50, surprised the audience as she touched on her sexuality, her rarely-seen sons, Charles, 14, and Kit, 12, and her ailing mother, who suffers from dementia.

She also made a moving public tribute to her former partner Cydney Bernard, who bowed her head with emotion as she supported Foster from her seat beside their two children.

Poor Mel Gibson lent his support.

She received a boost from her close friend Mel Gibson, who offered a wolf-whistle from her table in the audience.

She has two children who she raises with the idea they don’t have a father but another mother. But she and the pseudo mother are no longer together.

‘Thank you, Cyd. I am so proud of our modern family, our amazing sons, Charlie and Kit who are my reason to breathe and to evolve. … Boys, in case you didn’t know it, this song, like all of this, this song is for you.’

The father is rumored to be Randy Stone, a man who was himself married but later came out as gay.

But speaking to MailOnline, the Reverend Beverly Bates, 75, revealed that her son, the late Hollywood producer Randy Stone, who is rumoured to be the boys’ real father, treated them as if they were his own.

Jodie Foster was herself raised in a lesbian home.

The actress - whose received two Best Actress Oscars for her role as a rape victim in the 1989 film The Accused and as a FBI trainee in the 1991 smash hit The Silence of the Lambs - was brought up in a lesbian family.

Her mother, film producer Brandy Almond, and her father, retired air force colonel Lucius Foster, broke up before her birth and her mother later lived with another woman.

Jodie Foster was raised in a broken household where her mother lived as a lesbian. She used a man, possibly one who himself turned gay in later years, to conceive two children. She then breaks up with the children’s pseudo mother and then has relationships with other women. Jodie Foster is actually a poster child for why this is wrong and the terrible state of our society. The worst aspect is that this is celebrated by others. Bad things have always happened but people in the past were smart enough to not cheer evil.

Weird example to prove your point. Apart from your personal intolerance, do you have any facts to back up your assertion that there is anything evil here?

The only thing I can think of is that Mel Gibson, who gave us “The Passion of the Christ” is a bit of a sketchy dude given his past sexist and racist rants.

Many kids are raised in single-parent (mothered) families who do not even know whomtheir father is, so equally without one, by mothers who have multiple male partners. Is it really that much less damaging to be in such a situation than that of Jodie Foster’s kids?

NB - I am by no means saying it is OK for a child to be in either situation.

How could someone have “turned himself gay”?

Well, you are basically saying one is less evil than another. By not equally condemming Jodie Foster’s situation you make it seem that being raised by a single parent is on par with homosexual relationships raising children.

I’m not saying you believe this, I’m saying this is what it seems you are doing.

Regarding nothing but the title of this thread:

I don’t know why this is news. I’ve known that Jodie Foster is a lesbian (or at the very least bisexual) for at least 10 years. I don’t know why anyone is surprised at this ‘announcement’. I don’t follow celebrity news one little bit and this still isn’t ‘news’ to me, so why the papers are surprised I don’t know. Perhaps the Daily Mail (well known in the UK as a scandal sheet and which frequently has a significant problem distinguishing between truth and fiction) is suffering a circulation problem and needs a bit of shock-horror?

No surprise here.

I don’t think either situation is evil - only that neither is optimal.

If you want to go down the “sin” path in terms of what makes a good or bad parent, then I would say that it is far more evil for a parent to be a drug addict or a drunk than for a parent to be in a loving, monogamous homosexual relationship.

Well someone who fornicatea heterosexually is misusing their natural sexual faculties, whereas homosexual sex is objectively gravely disordered - ie unnatural - which is objectively worse.

My whole point is that the vitriol heaped on homosexuals vs comparable and equally promiscuous heterosexuals is out of all proportion to the IMHO not-that-staggeringly-great difference.

Indeed, but the issue is not just intelligence but conscience formation.

Personal intolerance is a liberal catchphrase. It should be noted that one tolerates something that is bad. You don’t tolerate good. So are you agreeing this situation is bad?

Evil is a privation of good in the sense used by the Scholastics. Ms. Foster’s choices are to deprive her children of the natural good of having a father and to expose them to homosexual relationships. Therefore it is evil. Her pride in her immorality makes it that much worse. What distinguishes our time from other is people had a shame for doing wrong in the past.

Actually I would tend to think Fosters situation is far worse because she is teaching her male children that men are unnecessary by her lifestyle. She consciously chooses to deprive her children of having a father but she goes further and exposes them to homosexuality which is a much stronger rejection of the natural order. Like all homosexuals in such relationships she proclaims nature made her have sexual attractions to those of her same sex but she defies nature by having children through the use of the male sexual function.

I said ‘himself turned gay’. What I meant is the man went from being married to a proclaimed homosexual. Prior to his proclaiming himself to be gay he did not profess to be so and lived in a way contrary to his later pronouncement.

Actually, if anything I guess she’d be a poster child for her way of life in a positive way since she is a smart, successful, kind, loving daughter and mother, helper in her community and giver to charity, and an artist who tries to give a positive message with the films she directs. Her kids are happy and strong (I have a friend who knows them) and very well-adjusted.

So ironically, I think she’d be a striking example of the opposite of what you are trying to say…

There are pornographers that can have the same narrative.

Amen brother! family guy even did a parody of Jodie’s homosexuality.

Not here either, really. In fact only marginally more surprising than Elton John.

So, Jodie Foster is gay. Is this something we really needed to know?:rolleyes:

“liberal catchphrase” is a conservative catchphrase! :rotfl:

According to Aquinas, all things created by God are good and that what we perceive to be evil is just the loss of some of that goodness. This loss is not an all or nothing proposition - none of us are perfect, therefore we are all evil to some degree, but we are mostly good (I hope!). Same with Jodie Foster and her family. You look at the evil and say her glass is half empty. I look at the good and say her glass is half full.

You are free to look at only the evil and judge people by that alone, but I do not think that is how God’s mercy works and it is not the choice I would make.

Lots of stones being cast here. IMO, the past was not so great. :shrug:

There is a point in the New Testament where Peter advises Jesus about making a judgement call, to which Jesus says “Get behind me, satan. You judge by man’s values, not God’s values.”

One could look at Jodie Foster’s family situation and make a very good case as to why same sex couples can raise an alternative lifestyle family who nevertheless makes a positive contribution to society. That’s Man’s Values!

Man’s values generally agrees that such a lifestyle in not optimal … and there are many in same sex guardian households would hold that that is true … only perceived as difficult given their sexual orientation for which, in many cases, they never desired.

Nevertheless, the natural law tells us that our reproductive faculties were meant for a given purpose and, any other use is contrary to the natural order. But that again is not the all important factor.

The all important factor is that God’s blessing is reserved for marriage between a man & woman exclusively for life with every sexual act open to children with the sacred responsibility to raise & educate the children according to God’s laws. All else greviously offends God as it desecrates the gift that God has given Man … children who have the right to be raised by their real parents.

Jodie Foster’s family situation, as is true with all improper family situations where there is much positive merit, is particularly scandalous simply because it begs us to be subjective in our judgements as Man, rather than objective in our discernment of God’s values.

Really? I had no idea… I am as surprised as when Ricky Martin ‘came out.’

Yes if those kids are growing up with the notion that they don’t have a Father and that this form of ‘family’ occurs ‘naturally’.

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