Joe Biden Calls Running Mate’s Husband ‘Kamala’s Wife’

Joe Biden Calls Running Mate’s Husband ‘Kamala’s Wife’

OCTOBER 27, 2020 By Tristan Justice

2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden referred to his running mate California Sen. Kamala Harris’s husband, Doug Emhoff, as “Kamala’s wife.”

“My wife, Jill, as you know and Doug Emhoff, Kamala’s wife were there,” Biden said speaking of Texas on Monday.

The latest gaffe comes just a day after Biden appeared to confuse President Donald Trump with President George W. Bush. . . .

. . . Two weeks ago, Biden claimed he was running for the Senate. . . .

. . . The latest series of campaign slip-ups have resurrected fresh concerns over the 77-year-old candidate’s age and ability to command the Oval Office should he be elected next week. If sworn in, Biden, who will be 78 by January would be the oldest president ever to take power.

Biden’s repeated gaffes also help explain the Democratic nominee’s light campaign schedule just days before the November contest. Last week, Biden implemented a 72-hour lid ahead of the second and final presidential debate. This week, Biden’s schedule has remained light, with few events scheduled while Trump continues to aggressively campaign in multiple states each day.

Follow Biden’s worst slip-ups here.

Geez oh petes, man. How many threads on this guy’s speaking gaffs are necessary?

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The question I have is whether it is uncharitable to vote for an obviously senile man to hold one of the most demanding jobs in the world?


You think his issue should be overlooked?

He also called Obamacare “affordable”.

In the bad old days of the mandate I was penalized $600 for not HAVING health care.

Groceries and vitamins was how I (unemployed but looking) at the time “managed my plan” with just my fixed income.

IRS time came and … $600 was demanded of me for the Obamacare I didn’t ask for, or have.

Felt a bit like
“stick 'em UP!”
… at the time.

Fortunately my credit union lent me $1000 to cover that government mandated largess … and get me through my thin months.

Under Trump the doubling of my single deduction plus the ending of that $600 mandate’s penalty put me $1200 to the good.

Feeling fine now.

Not looking forward to backwards

nor nostalgic about being “taken care of”

by a mandated Vito Corleone style health care insurance plan

for my own good.

:unamused:- That I can tell you.

:tired_face: - C’MON mannn!


I think the point has been made. Well made. This is overkill.

Joe might have been right on this one. Kamala seems like the type of woman to wear the pants :rofl:


But he didn’t. What Mr Justice is conveniently omitting to tell the reader is that Joe Biden was being interviewed by George Lopez. So, when he said, “George”, he was addressing Lopez, not referring to anybody else with the name George.

Indeed, virtually all of Biden’s purported gaffes are perfectly explainable. For example, when he introduced his wife as “my little sister Valerie”: what actually happened was that his wife, Jill, and his sister, Valerie Biden Owens, were standing behind him, just out of sight, and he was looking directly at the audience. He evidently thought that his sister was standing to his right and that his wife was standing to his left, but they were the other way round. He realised his mistake immediately and all three of them were evidently amused. He quite clearly did not actually have any difficulty recognising them.

Another accusation that is regularly made is that he says, “I’m Joe’s husband” (as, for example, on the occasion when he purportedly couldn’t recognise his wife and sister). Again, it is clear that he is actually saying, “Jill’s husband”, or, “Jill Biden’s husband”, but that “Jill” and “Joe” sound very similar due to his relatively strong accent.

The main thing that we all need to understand about Biden is that he has a history of suffering from a stutter. His stutter is evidently very well managed, but it is probably not entirely cured. I have watched Biden a lot, and it always seems to me that when he makes a mistake, it’s because he is avoiding hesitating over a word, and sometimes, in an effort to maintain fluency, he says the wrong word. It has been noted that in the first presidential debate, Trump was probably deliberately provoking Biden into struggling with his stutter by constantly interrupting him and talking over him.

Time to go back into your basement,Joe

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Yeah,right…perfectly explainable…:roll_eyes:


The man is running for president and his mental capacity is in question. It wouldn’t be a thing if people didn’t try to make his behavior normal.

“Normal” behavior has not been a requirement for the presidency since about 2016.


The LAST thing I want out of a politician is “normal” behavior.

In that case, you must be loving life these days. No matter who wins the election, you are guaranteed another four years of happiness.

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scousekiwi (on Joe Biden forgetting Trump and referring to Trump as “George”). . .

But he didn’t. What Mr Justice is conveniently omitting to tell the reader is that Joe Biden was being interviewed by George Lopez.

Sure. :wink:


For everyone else . . .

See it yourself here below. Draw your own conclusions.



And here.

Draw your own conclusions on who Biden was referring to.

And here is the disinformation the left is “feeding” to its consumers of FAKE News . . .

To the readers:
Please remember this so two years from now (or whenever) when “snopes” is attempting to gaslight you,
you won’t fall victim to their tomfoolery and disinformation.

I don’t think Democrats care. They probably prefer Harris anyway. She’ll be the president, not Biden.


Thanks. I do love life these days. And I’ll still love it after the elections.


It’s a “thing” because people keep sharing the same story over and over. We get it. The guy makes gaffs. Hearing/reading that 12 times does no more good than hearing/reading it 11 times.

Too many for it to be normal, too many for even Joe in his prior speeches

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