Joe Biden can save the Democrats by running for president in 2020

The future is truely bleak if Joe is the best Dems can muster.

The present is bleak. We mustered Trump.

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Heal our divided country?

Milk just came out of my nose.

I would much prefer if the Dems picked an outsider than running another geriatric career trough guzzler.


I like Joe, but he’s really old. It’s a shame his run back in the 80s got knocked off track and then he got ill and we ended up with that complete loser Dukakis as the candidate.

On the Catholic point, however, I’m not sure which is more controversial, Joe officiating at two same-sex marriages, or Tim Kaine touting his Catholicism while running on a pro-choice platform.

There is a double digit list of potential Democratic candidates for POTUS in 2020. A large field in 2016 didn’t hurt the Republicans.

The Democrat party died with J.F.K; all that is left know is a party of American hating pro choicers that are relying on keeping people down so they can remain in power for their own greed to continue growing. Push comes to shove they would buckle an be trampled over like the cowards they are if a real civil war broke out.


I hope Joe doesn’t run. Not a good idea.

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But a small field didn’t help the Democrats in 2016.

Wasn’t McCain told he wasn’t fit for the presidency because of his age? If Biden were to run in 2020, wouldn’t that make him the same age McCain was when he ran? And would he be told something similar?

Pity more didn’t run in the last election.
Were they all out with a hamstring injury?

Biden will turn 78 in 2020. McCain turned 72 in 2008. So Biden would be 6 years older than McCain was when he ran.

Doesn’t seem likely to me that he would run. People like to write stories about it though.

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Oh, my eyesight’s bad. I looked up Biden’s age and thought it said 71.
I guess it doesn’t help that my math must have been bad.

If Biden runs against Trump, it would be really hard to call Biden out on his age when Trump’s only 3 years younger. If Biden ran against a significantly younger man, like Pence, the age question would come up like it did for McCain.

Trump: A geriatric trough guzzler. But an outsider, meaning no knowledge, no experience and predictably unable to do the job.

Oh I don’t know. He seems to be making a reasonably effective Democratic president of late :wink:

:+1: Exactly! (If Drumpf doesn’t get us nuked before then…)

  • The economy is doing well, the opposite of your predictions
  • Illegal immigration is down, deportations up, yet somehow we are surviving
  • our allies are spending more on their own defense, and working with us on NK. Not the chaos promised.

He’s doing well for either party, but he still does need to do something about that DC trough


The economy he inherited from the Obama administration and nothing he has done has actually made it better.

Oh and the people he’s deporting are not MS 13 or criminals but the hard working types who do the jobs Americans WON’T do.

Allies mean nothing…If he runs his pie hole and Kim pops a bomb 300 miles over Kansas, even if our subs destroy NK it will be no consolation to the 90% of Americans (about 285 MILLION) who will die in the following year, and whatever NATO spends will be a flash in the pan if Russia jumps off on them because they can’t stop them.

You can give him credit for all that if you wish but it’s either naieve or ignorant.:-1:

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