Joe Biden can save the Democrats by running for president in 2020

Says the man who flip hamburgers instead of working in a us owned manufactruing business.

This is the path to save america.
Nationalize healthcare.
Nationalize education.
Make trading with china a felony.
Make a law so only americans can own property in america.
Make union busting a terrorism charge.
Get the mercenary (God help me not to swear)-ers out of the us military.
Ban privatized prisons.
End the right’s unconstitution bush-instituted spying activities.
Ban dual citizenships.
End the “war on drugs”.
Prosecuter murderous police and through the book at them.
Ban employers access to court records.
Fix a cap on college prices at 1964 levels for inflation.
Ban homeschooling like Germany.
Ban climate change denyalism for the airwaves.
Ban the Republian party for arming bin laden and meeting with al queda in the reagan white house.
Ban protestant YEC wingnuttery from schools.

Well, … he has not repealed and replaced Obama care, he has not enacted the travel ban, he has gone wobbly on the wall, and has caved on DACA. But these are only things NOT done.

What a laugh!
I am glad that the positive trends over the Obama years are continuing. I never made a predication of what Trump would do to the economy but am glad to add not-making the economy worse to the list of things that Trump did not do.

Allied spending on defense is following the plan laid out in previous administrations to reach 2% OF GDP BY 2025.
Again, I am glad to to add not-making the NATO worse to the list of things that Trump did not do. In fact, very happy after his false starts on speaking in support of the alliance.

Illegal immigration numbers? Add another notch to the number of times that you have claimed this and failed to provide documentation for it.

It appears you were inspired by the NAZI party platform


One problem with that is that some elementary schools teach pro-homosexual propaganda.

it helped Hillary, not democracy

He was trolling.

I think Joe Biden would have been a much stronger candidate than Hillary Clinton was and would have won the '16 election. I think he may be the Democratic Party’s best shot for taking 2020. (Which means we need to make sure he doesn’t run. Trump may not be the best guy, but I do not want another eight years of leftist madness.)

That said, Kamala Harris appears to be in the running for 2020, which … okay …

I thought it was going to be Elizabeth Warren?

Lol, yes it did. They ended up with Trump! I will be very surprised if Trump is a 2 term president. Pretty much every other candidate was a better choice but Trump somehow was the last man standing. Last time we had a single term president was 1992 and Ross Perot…

I think you forgot:

Make German the official language of the US and ban tyrannical English

Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.

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