Joe Biden is practicing his Catholic Faith in a gravely deficient way

If he was actually practicing the faith, he would be against abortion in all of its forms.



Frankly, this has been discussed enough. I don’t support or approve of Joe but there’s really nothing more to be said on this issue.

Pray for him.


Must re-word this, apparently. I suspect that if the quite questionable vote count (aside from the voting) succeeds, he will occupy an office but he is surrounded by ambitious, activist and even subversive trained persons who desire a wholesale transformation of the US into a socialist state.

Anyone recall the Law & Order episode in which a sitting judge was not of sound mind and his bailiff was feeding him reasoning and decisions? Anyone remember Senator Strom Thurmond whose staff did his work for him while he occupied the senate seat?


Yeah, it’s been discussed quite literally so many times I couldn’t count it at this point without having to sit down and comb through the forums for years tabulating results.


He’ll be president of your nation, I don’t see that he is non compos mentis, increasingly frail yes and getting a bit doddery but neither he or Trump will be running down to kindergarten ever again.

An one time president I’d say, my own nation’s president is actually older than Joe but it is a lot less stressful and more of a figurehead job being the Irish president to be fair.


Yeah, it’s the first I’ve seen it.
Besides, didn’t Trump win another five year term?


Don’t give him and his fans any ideas!


In other news, water is wet.


Biden not practicing the faith? The same is likely true of half the people we sit with at Mass.


This topic has been discussed ad nauseum.

Mr Biden’s faith is between him and his confessor, same with all Catholics.

My job is to work on my faith and my love.


No. I will not discuss the spirituality of a fellow Catholic. I will discuss the issue of abortion and politics as it relates to news in the correct forum. I will discuss the issue of abortion and why it is evil here. But the topic at the top crosses the line into judgementalism, in my opinion. At one time questioning the devotional practices of a fellow Catholic was forbidden here.


Therein is one problem. This is not the news forum. It is bad enough that politics takes over so much of people’s lives. Why is this here?

The above and as pnewton points out I also can remember when this kind of stuff was forbidden.


I feel like up along the bar of main topics like ‘Apologetics’, ‘Easter’, ‘Traditional’, there should be a new one for ‘US Presidency’


The first is a bit of a stretch to say the least and definitely not proven. The second is problematic as well - even if the VP and Executive officers declare him unable to perform the duties, if he fights it the Congress eventually settles the matter. Can you see the Senate under its current breakdown vote 2/3 in favor of Harris taking over?

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I would take that bet if gambling was legal. As it is, I will try and remember to pop back in on February to point out yet one more prediction that was unfounded. Both the current president and Speaker Pelosi are still performing despite their mental states.

I know I was in that group for several years when I was taking my elderly mother to Mass on the Sundays when she could go. Of course I had to stay there with her, she wasn’t in the physical shape to just get dropped off and be on her own. At that time I was missing a great many Sunday Masses and doing other gravely sinful things and hadn’t been to confession in over a decade and a half. Fortunately people stayed out of my business. Eventually I cleaned up my act, but I don’t think some busybody telling me off would have gotten me to clean it up any faster.


Spoken like a liberal.

Truly, how can anyone — conservative or progressive — expect things to get better in our country if this is our cry whenever our man doesn’t win?


Only half?


Well, the mods changed up my title a bit, but whatever.

This thread was in response to a number of folks I’ve seen saying that he is in fact practicing his faith, when in fact I think he’s not.

The folks who don’t wish to participate could simply do so without the snark, in my opinion, but whatever to that too.

Insofar as the whole “it’s between him and his priest” thing, maybe. I do think we can judge the state of someone’s faith to an extent by the actions that they carry out, however.

And as to other folks not practicing their faith well, that’s very true. I’m one of them, much as I still believe it’s the right one. But I, and others, are not the likely next President of the United States, and I very much wish more folks had the wherewithal to call him out on his constantly touting his faith like he’s actually accomplishing anything along that route, when he blatantly mocks it with his actions.

TL, DR: It’s important to recognize that he’s not practicing his faith in a substantial way, as he’s the probable next President, and not to hold him up as a Catholic in good standing for the sake of scandal. Folks who are tired of this discussion can move on, but some of us would still like to have it.

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