Joe Biden just destroyed one of Trump's biggest attack lines

Joe Biden on Saturday utterly devastated one of President Donald Trump’s most repeated attack lines against the former Vice President. And the irony is Fox News helped him do it.

The former vice president, who was wearing a mask, was accompanied on his bicycle ride by a few others on the streets of his home state of Delaware when they were approached by Fox News’ Peter Doocy. The Fox reporter yelled at the bike-riding Biden: “Mr. Vice President have you picked a running mate yet?” to which Biden responded, “Yeah I have.” Doocy then followed up, “You have? Who is it?” to which Biden jokingly replied, “You!”

The irony was delicious. There’s Biden briskly riding a bicycle while Trump is at his private country club, where the only exercise he seems to get is getting in and out of his golf cart. Yet Trump is calling Biden “Sleepy.” Sometimes comedy writes itself. But in this case Twitter helped as the hashtag “Trump Can’t ride a Bike” got traction online, with one anti-Trumper juxtaposing video footage of Biden riding his bicycle with Trump struggling to walk down a ramp after delivering the commencement address in June at West Point.

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Biden doesn’t need to “destroy” any Trump misleading claims or down right lies…people see through them…and, they either turn their head apathetically because of the support for Trump, or his statements deepen the commitment of his opposition.

My own thoughts are that Trump is the best campaigner that Biden could hope for.

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I could ride a bike when I was four years old. It’s good to know that would have qualified me to be president at the time, other than due to age, of course.


I would say that is pretty good. I assume you removed the training wheels?

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This is some serious journalism.


Guess it’s time to pack it in. There’s just no coming back from something like this.


Didn’t have them to start with. Short bike. Learned to ride it coasting down my grandmother’s sidewalk. Gentle slope, but I did crash enough times to make me pay attention.


I would imagine Trump actually never learned how to ride a bike. I could also imagine after watching the 3 or 4 part documentary on Trump, the actual dialog that happened:

Donald: Dad I want a bike.
Fred: Bikes are for boys.
Donald: I want to learn how to ride a bike.
Fred: I pay someone to ride the bike for you.

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I’m impressed with your prowess…But, anyone who struggles walking down a ramp or drinking a glass of water with two hands, and wants to be the President still troubles me…could those incidents been the reason for testing his cognitive ability? Person, Man, Women, Camera, Television?

CNN - pretty decent news

CNN(Opinion) - might as well be Alex Jones or Breitbart. If this is what you get from CNN, stick to network news, and think for yourself.

Dumbest article I have seen in a while.


Any four year old can ride a bike if he has the right bike, the right place to ride it and the gumption to do it. They’re better than you give them credit for.

Do these things trouble you? Well, prove your point that it shows something unusual for a man his age for the conditions encountered so we can know whether this is a matter of substance or just the run-of-the-mill Democrat stuff.

Oops! He drank with one hand several times to show he could.

Just looked at the “ramp incident”. As big a nothing as could be imagined. But again, you can produce evidence that it’s meaningful and we can look at it.

But Biden can ride a bike. I believe that’s the one thing people say you can never forget once you learn it. Not quite like remembering what state you’re in or how many people died of Covid in the U.S.


juxtaposing video footage

He looked feeblish.

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He acted feeblest, not just looked that way…just as Trump has a long history of projecting his own weakness on previous administrations, he is trying to continue with his competitors.

No more than the guy beside him, who didn’t manage that jump/step at the end of the ramp. But I see you left that part off so you could say he looked “feeblish”

Can you please not try to help Biden? Focusing on childish issues when there are serious ones will do nothing except may Biden’s supporters (those who oppose Trump) look petty. And it does not get much more petty and mean-spirited than ridiculing an older man for the way he walks.

You might as well attack Greg Abbott for being a paraplegic.


That guy was a general and Trump claims to know more than generals…except for walking down a ramp where there appears to be parity…

Might explain his entrance on the political scene riding an escalator instead of walking down a flight of stairs!

Case closed.

Unless you develop some balancing issues later on.

No particular reason to think Biden has developed any.

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I’d give Biden a pass on balancing issues, but can’t give Trump one for just being unbalanced…big difference!

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