Joe Biden’s 800-Pound Gorilla


Yet people still think there are proportionate reasons to vote for Biden.

I would just like to know what it is and why Biden voters are keeping it to themselves


They don’t because there is none. Nothing is proportionate to death.


" Because, quite simply, there are no dogmas requiring her, or anyone else for that matter, to believe in the humanity of the unborn child. Acceptance of that fact is not a dogma of faith, it is a datum of science. Why on earth would anyone need faith to affirm the most obvious truth about life in the womb? Doesn’t everyone already know babies are human? They are certainly not pumpkins or squirrels. Perhaps someone should sit down with these people and parse the difference between a dogma of religion and a datum of reason."

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Truth … its amazing that we recognize the life of a Condor while still unhatched - ditto for Bald Eagles. Destroy a condor or bald eagle egg and you will suffer the penalty - including jail time. Endangered killer whales - do not cause harm to a pregnant killer whale and cause the loss of a calf - you will have the full force of the federal government come down upon you - arrest, trial and imprisonment to follow …

But the unborn human child - well … its not human really - it has no protection and is merely a diabolical mass of cells that is ruining the mother’s future - easily removed, destroyed and disposed of … celebrated …

And the left say they are the party of science


Joe Biden’s name is in the title of the article, but the content could really apply to most who are pro-abortion.

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Honestly at this point it is hard for me not to think Biden places politics above faith. In Joe Biden’s eyes he is more important than Christ. I just pray for his soul.


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