Joe Biden’s Campaign Calls a Lid on In-Person Campaigning

I think this MAY be significant in retrospect after the election.

It sure looks to me like after President Trump gets re-elected, the leftists will cause a lot of trouble not accepting the election results (my opinion only so far.)

Sensible people will look back and remind Joe Biden and his supporters that he wasn’t even campaigning for much of the final stretch of the campaign.

This thread will be one of those many “reminders”.


Joe Biden’s Campaign Calls a Lid on In-Person Campaigning


BRISTOL, PA - OCTOBER 24: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden stands with his wife Dr. Jill Biden before speaking at a drive-in campaign rally at Bucks County Community College on October 24, 2020 in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Biden is making two campaign stops in the battleground state of Pennsylvania on Saturday. …

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Haris Alic

25 Oct 2020

With nine days left before the 2020 election, former Vice President Joe Biden is off the campaign trail without any in-person events scheduled.

On Sunday, Biden’s campaign called a “lid” on in-person campaigning for the day. A “lid” usually also means the campaign will not conduct press conferences or dispense press releases the remainder of the day. Biden’s campaign clarified that this was not a “full lid” since the former vice president would speak to supporters late-Sunday evening at a virtual “I will vote” concert.

Given that the general election is slightly more than a week away, the news of Biden’s “lid” elicited rebuke on social media from some reporters and supporters of President Donald Trump.

More than a few were quick to note that the Democrat nominee’s schedule stands in stark contrast to that of Trump, who has increased his travel in recent weeks as the general election has kicked into gear. On Sunday alone, Trump is scheduled to appear at a get out to vote rally in New Hampshire, before traveling to neighboring Maine. Following that, Trump is scheduled to return to the White House where he and the first family will host a Halloween event.

Despite having what some believe to be a “light” public schedule, Biden has recently mocked Trump for appearing to struggle to walk down a ramp during a commencement ceremony at West Point this year. The former vice president repeated the attack last month . . . .

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Donald Trump Mocks Joe Biden for Calling Another Lid with Nine Days Until Election


THE VILLAGES, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 23: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during his campaign event at The Villages Polo Club on October 23, 2020 in The Villages, Florida. President Trump continues to campaign against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leading up to the November 3rd Election Day. (Photo by Joe …

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Charlie Spiering

25 Oct 2020353


At a rally in New Hampshire on Sunday, President Donald Trump ridiculed former Vice President Joe Biden for calling a “lid” on campaign events for the day.

“He’s constantly putting the lid on. Constantly putting the lid on,” Trump said, and joked, “The lid means, I guess it’s referring to a garbage can, you put on the lid and he’s putting the lid on.”

The Biden campaign called the “lid” at 11:27 a.m., sending reporters covering the vice president home. . . .

a lid 2

. . . . “Do you think that Sleepy Joe would be doing these things? I don’t think so,” Trump said. “He’ll go back to bed. Hillary used to spend a lot of time in bed too. But she had more energy than him. She did.”

Trump suggested that Biden was hiding from tough questions about his family’s corruption while pursuing lucrative foreign deals.

“I would say the primary reason he’s put the lid on again is because he can’t answer the questions,” . . .

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Only true if Trump wins. This close, I think statements predicting a win for either candidate are just wishful thinking.

Some might opine that the campaigning period is over, based on early voting numbers.

I would imagine the part of the Biden Covid strategy is to stop in person meetings and then pound Trump on “super spreader events”.

As I posted in another thread, nobody is voting for Biden, they are only voting against Trump. The less Biden says and does, the less likely he is to offend the hate filled people who are voting for him.


I think a lot of people are voting for Biden. Not me, but there are some people who simple vote for the Democrat.

And, it’s getting old describing people who vote against Trump as hate filled. There might be a minority who are, but, for the most part, I think they simply want sanity.

So what is so appealing about Biden? I really can’t see anything that he offers that interests me.

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Well considering JB cannot remember who he is actually runnning against,he thinks it’s George Bush,better to keep him under wraps lest he says anything else indicting.


Okay, I understand that.

I don’t have any appetite for Trump.

Maybe I’m an institutionalist. Maybe I’m a patriot. I don’t like Trump as a person. I don’t like what he’s doing to the country and it’s institutions. I think any good he’s done is overshadowed by the narcissism-fueled need to create chaos and be front and center every minute of every day.

So you aren’t really voting for Biden, you’re voting against Trump?

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Yes, I think I’ve always said that.

But, I don’t hate Trump.

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Then call it “really, really dislike.” How bad would Biden have to be for you not to vote for him? He’s losing his mind, doesn’t have the energy to leave the house most days, and has used his 47 years of public service for he and his family to become very wealthy. His family has accepted large sums of money for little cause from several competitors of the U.S. that makes him a significant risk for extortion.


It’s more so that Trump is seriously unappealing to many people that, if Biden wins, it will be on an anti-Trump surge (which wouldn’t happen nearly on this scale with a conventional republican) rather than a pro-Biden surge. And I don’t think for most it’s “hate” so much as thinking he’s totally unfit for office, which can be a legitimate complaint.

It’s allowed to be against someone politically and not dislike our hate them. He’s wrong for the country. But, he’s also mentally ill (narcissism and sociopathy) and should be treated with respect and compassion.

I don’t know.

He has a stutter and uses coping mechanisms. He’s older, yes. He should have run in 2016, but Beau’s death sidelined that. I think he would have beat Hillary and Trunp.

That’s just wrong. He bikes and jogs. He’s got energy. An he looks like he has an appropriate weight.

Writing books and giving speeches is a perfectly legal way to make money.

Uhm, if you know this, then it wouldn’t carry a risk of extortion, now would it?


Call it what you will. You are so against him politically that you don’t care about his opponent, only that he isn’t Trump?

In an essentially binary political system, yes.

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He’s Not Trump.

That’s pretty much it.


I just wonder who the democrats could put forward as their candidate who would not be acceptable as an alternative to Trump?


Trump supporters don’t think so. At least, not if the person you’re against politically is Trump.


PaulinVA . . . .

I would imagine the part of the Biden Covid strategy is to stop in person meetings and then pound Trump on “super spreader events”.

Joe Biden got a bad “start” on criticizing President Trump regarding Corona virus then.

Biden was recently out running around among people without a mask on.

This elitist behavior is common for leftist mask-shaming politicians (as we have seen here).

We have all heard about “Trump” driving around with Secret Service (who as far as we know MAY have had separate breathing air in the Presidential car).

(Add to the fact, President Trump has said it, but does almost no mask-shaming against others who choose to not wear masks.)

Here is maskless Biden recently putting others around him and his Secret Service contingent in potential harms way . . .

Maskless Joe Biden Putting Secret Service People at risk as well as innocent bystanders

Lest someone claim: “Well it looks like six-feet to me, so I will give Joe a pass but not Trump” the video shows that was not true.

Besides. Projecting virions CAN go over six feet quite easily. Especially when Joe still does not get how to cough (Saturday coughing in his hand again).

It’s not even so much Trump or Biden. If one votes for Biden, it’s largely because of the virus, the state of the present economy, and social justice. If one votes for Trump, it’s largely because of job destruction, taxes, socialism, and law and order. However, the vote for either candidate is largely a vote against the other candidate, not a vote for the candidate. The one thing I credit Trump for is not getting us into another war - not an insignificant thing. But even this is an absence of something, not a positive presence.

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