Joe Biden’s Teleprompter Malfunctions During First Coronavirus Update; Calls MA Governor by the wrong name

Joe Biden’s Teleprompter Malfunctions During First Coronavirus Update; Calls MA Governor Charlie ‘Parker’

Joe Biden / Periscope


23 Mar 2020 Breitbart News

Joe Biden’s new foray into regular video updates about coronavirus stumbled out of the gate as the teleprompter malfunctioned and he called the sitting Massachusetts governor by the wrong name.

Biden was speaking behind a podium when he began verbally stumbling around, as if he wasn’t sure what to say, or was buying time.

“Beef up the number of responders dealing with the crush — these crush of cases. And, uh, and in addition to that,” he said, looking down at his notes, before he waved his hand upward under the podium to conceal it.

“And in addition to that we to, um, make sure that we, uh, we are in a position that we are, well, let me go to the second thing. I spoke enough of that,” Biden said, before trying to move on from the blunder.

Biden called the current Massachusetts governor “Charlie Parker,” a jazz saxophonist from the 1950s. . .

That top video is priceless!! Oh my! I was laughing so hard. I loved the clip he chose to make the perfect reply to this speech.

That was the most rambling, disjointed speech I have ever heard. Why did he bring up roaches??!! And he loves kids sitting innhis lap??!!


It makes you wonder what he was on before he went up to the podium!! LOL

The clip you showed was definitely cringeworthy! His handlers must have been
pulling their hair out!!


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This is the best they can do for a prepared speech?

If that’s all he’s got when performing without distractions, he’s going to flounder hard in a debate or with reporters asking surprising question, etc.

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I missed that. Oh well. Still I think his missed name will fare better than Covfefe

Don’t sweat the flags. I’m not aware of your specific situation, but it has been my observation that a few Leftists on this website appear (in my opinion) to be intent on silencing and discouraging traditionalists and conservatives, to a degree. Conservatives, on the other hand, want to keep open debate and welcome dissent.
In fact, one Leftist who has been around this site criticizing traditionalists (almost on a daily basis) for many years even started a topic regarding being shocked that he/she was flagged. He/she didn’t even know what to make of it (evidently his/her first flag received), which proves that conservatives have not tried to discourage or silence that person.


I am just glad Biden didn’t mistake the teleprompter for his wife. I almost thought he was going to sniff its hair.


Biden? A concern for the frolicking people’s of the land of NO WORRIES.
REALITY is here.

Yes, Biden. His name was in the thread title, as the thread was about him. Feel free to post-bomb another topic with comments that have nothing to do with anything if you want.


It was about his teleprompter. Your " hair" comment is equidistant as you know

Hey, the man likes him some hair, be it head or be it leg; no shame in that.


Seems a Catholic who actually did stay married to one woman through terrible tragedy shouldn’t be ridiculed for hair. Not by people who support Trump.

I could argue that a man who seems to have turned his life around and has been a huge boon for the pro-life movement shouldn’t be incessantly blamed, attacked and maligned as he is. Not by people who support “Catholic” Joe Biden.

Don’t get your undies twisted because as a someone who posts about three times for every one post of anyone else on this board and does nothing but rail against the President, you suddenly find yourself bothered because people are having lighthearted fun with a guy who happens to speak like Frank Drebin from “the Naked Gun.”


Maybe you are right. I can’t get staring into the sun and tweeting Covfefe on behalf of the United States out of my mind.
You should be happy about my comments. Trump’s success is based upon overwhelming numbers of bad. It is simply to much for the mind to grasp. It is pretty sophisticated.
Only fatigue over time can slow it down.

Dude, I am not going to continue to back and forth with you, since it isn’t spiritually healthy for either of us, but I will end by saying people who lives in glass houses posting the way you do at times shouldn’t throw covfefe.


Maximus1 . . . .

Maybe you are right. I can’t get staring into the sun and tweeting Covfefe on behalf of the United States out of my mind.
You should be happy about my comments. Trump’s . . .

What does any of this have to do with Joe’s teleprompter comments?

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Dude I am not the president. Think about that. It actually has a point.

" Maybe you are right…" Precedes a direct response.
You might have asked what does Trump’s record on abortion have to do with Joe’s teleprompter comment.
But you didn’t.

I bet the kids were like “just finish so we can get back in the pool!!”

They were bored stiff! @Alter1

He has a hang up with the word covfefe. I guess Maximus 1 is a perfect texter
and has never hit the wrong letter when typing. He would never hit a “b” instead of
“n” or a “v” instead of an “f”. So the rest of us are supposed to be perfect when
we text as well. @Cathoholic

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