Joe Biden should consider pardoning Donald Trump

I’m going to fool everyone. And, I remember ter Horst quitting in disgust when Ford pardoned Nixon. However, I think that Biden should at least consider pardoning Trump for anything he did while president.
" President-elect Joe Biden was asked a few months back if he would consider granting a pardon to Donald Trump for any potential crimes.

A voter posed the question in historical terms, wondering if Biden would agree “to not pulling a President Ford” and pardon Trump “under the pretense of healing the nation.”

Back in 1974, a few weeks after a disgraced Richard Nixon resigned from office, Gerald Ford, who succeeded him, granted Nixon a pardon for any crimes he committed in the Watergate scandal and cover-up. Ford wanted a deeply divided nation to move on.

Would Biden do such a thing?

He says no.

In answer to the voter’s desire that he commit to not issuing a pardon for Trump, Biden said, “Absolutely, yes, I commit.”

He should reconsider."

Now, what Trump did before he became president should be fair game.

I agree that prosecuting Trump for anything he did as president would be establishing a very dangerous precedent. Nobody would ever want to run for president because they would be sure to face criminal prosecution when their term ended.

I agree. Lock him up! Lock him up!

I still don’t understand how Michael Cohen got jail time for paying hush money to Stormy Daniels, when it was Trump’s hush money and at Trump’s direction.


Or hopefully, they would not commit any crime worthy of prosecution. And fortunately, only federal crimes can be pardoned… the state crimes cannot.

Wouldn’t have to be convicted of a crime first?
Wouldn’t he have to be charged with a crime before that?

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He’d better, if he doesn’t want the opposition to start bringing out the skeletons from his own cupboard.

No. Nixon was pardoned before any indictments.

Yes, a pardon should be considered, unless Biden has unequivocally promised not to. I do not care about setting a precedent. I care about our country continuing to hemorrhage from our wounds. We have far bigger issues than how much jail time one person deserves.

Doesn’t accepting a pardon imply admission of guilt? I cannot imagine President Trump accepting a pardon if that were the deal.

He was impeached before, but walked away looking peachy of course.

Oh, I can. His seemingly inability to acknowledge fault ends when his other choice is loss of large amounts of money or jail time. There is a point where anyone will eat crow rather than face a worse threat!

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Trump need take no action or say anything for a pardon to be legal.


Yes. I can also see him accepting the pardon while still insisting he really didn’t need it!

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But that strategy (to increase his popularity) backfired on Trump big time.

Who was the last president to honor his oath of office? I’ve been around for over 60 years and I can’t think of one. They are all dirt bags.

Issue a pardon in self-defense? Biden does not need to do that.


Yes, it does but I believe Trump would accept a pardon. Who spurns a get out of jail free card?

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Pres. Trump hasn’t done anything that needs to be pardoned.

Forgiven, yes. I’m sure he’s gone too far at times on Twitter or live while speaking, and hurt some feelings and gotten some facts and figures wrong.

A big person will let it go and forgive Donald Trump. A small person will try to turn it into a crime that warrants either punishment or pardon.


Well, we don’t quite know that yet. Remember, Nixon was pardoned for some of the funny stuff he did on his taxes. (His art assessor caught a federal felony!) So we will have to wait.

Biden going after Trump would definitely not be a unity play along the lines of the “unity” he called for.

I know there is a deep personal desire among many here to see Trump gotten, but sometimes one has to step back as Ford did and understand that there is a choice between plunging the country deeper into the chasm or allowing for the moderates to stay in control and restore some semblance of sanity. My father said Ford lost the 1976 election because of the Nixon pardon, but he thought it was worth it because he felt that the long term damage would have been much, much worse had they made Nixon to go through months of hearings, trials, etc., that the circus would have split the country much worse than it did as it would have continued all the way into the 1976 election season.

Biden will have that choice in front of him. By what he chooses we will see just how serious he is about “unity”.


It may not be up to Biden. If the feds have Trump dead to rights, it is out of Biden’s hands. All Biden can control is the starting a new investigation into Trump’s actions.

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