Joe Biden Struggles to Remember HHS When Discussing Healthcare

Joe Biden Struggles to Remember HHS When Discussing Healthcare

Biden Forgets HHS



27 Aug 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden struggled to name the department of Health and Human Services (HHS) while discussing his proposal to expand Obamacare and lower drug prices.

Biden, whose gaffes have reignited doubts about his fitness for the presidency, made the blunder while discussing how his public health insurance option would decrease the price of prescription drugs with a NBC affiliate in Iowa.

“We should set up a system, which I’ve proposed [and] will if I’m elected president, that allows the folks at H-H, the folks at health and—the health department in the United States—HHS, to be able to go out and bring together experts and make a judgement when there is a patent being sought by a drug company,” Biden said in an interview that aired Sunday.

The flub was the latest in a series of high profile gaffes that have consumed Biden’s campaign in recent weeks. Biden’s troubles began innocently enough at the Iowa State Fair earlier this month, when he told voters “we choose truth over facts.” . . .

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