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What do guys think about author Joel Osteen. I was glancing at one of his books, “Every Day a Friday. How to be happier in 7 days a week.”

He quotes a lot of scripture and it looks like a good book, but he is an evagenlical pastor… Would it be wrong to read this book? Would it confuse my somewhat shaky faith or should I go ahead and read it?

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I can not say emphatically enough that you need to get that book as far away from you as possible.

Joel Osteen preaches “prosperity gospel”. Something so insidious that most *protestants *go so far as to equate him with the devil. Let alone the fact that this style of preaching is leading people away from Christ in droves; his teaching is not remotely Catholic. Sure he talks a good line and quotes the Bible, but it’s all waaay out of context and so very twisted as to make your head spin.

He has made a lot of money off of telling people that Jesus wants to make us all rich.

Here are some other good (non-Catholic) articles:
“The False Promise of the Prosperity Gospel: Why I Called Out Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer” (I like Joyce BTW - but she has some issues; Joel on the other hand is a gaping maw inviting good Christians to Hell.)
From Pastor Rick Henderson

And (probably the most objective interpretation)

And (I’m not making this title up)
“The Worst Ideas of the Decade”
From the article.
“The “prosperity gospel,” an insipid heresy whose popularity among American Christians has boomed in recent years, teaches that God blesses those God favors most with material wealth.”

(This is just Osteen bashing by a Catholic site - but I would like to defend Protestants. Most protestants abhor this nonsense so it’s not fair to lable this as mainstream Protestantism.)

I have personally witnessed lives ruined by this teaching; and so prevalent is it in the mainstream that people are rejecting all forms of Christianity by incorrect association.

Ditto to InspiritCarol.

Im being honest, Ive watched a few of his semons here and there and I did not get that he was preaching prosperity gospel, I think he tends to cherry pick alot out of the scriptures and preaches generally ‘feel good’ verses, usually involves a personal story or 2 as well.

He must be doing something right though, Last time I checked they have an average of 48,000 people every if people did not like what he was teaching, I dont think there would be so many followers, he MUST be doing some good for quite a few people out there to retain these kinds of numbers…someone preaching false doctrine, usually doesnt last too long, as most people eventually find out what they are all about and quit going…not the case with Olsteen.

Plus, its not like the CC doesnt cherry pick scriptures either, went to catholic school up until 7th grade, and never once heard anything about the Nephilim, nor has my father, who went all thru catholic school, and catholic college, is 58 yrs old attends mass every sunday, he claimed he had never once heard of the Nephilim either… something is definitely wrong here.

I have never read any of Joel osteen’s books. The only familiarity I have with him is I watched about 20 minutes of one of his speeches on tv a couple months ago. He sounded like a Protestant version of tony Robbins. The message I got from those twenty minutes was ‘be positive’.

Joel Osteen is an inspirational speaker. He is a millionaire by the selling of books, audio and video recordings, and speaking tours. He receives a small salary from the church in a stadium he runs. However, there is only one church in Christianity and that is the Catholic Church.

In response to yr question regarding Joel Olsteen’s book/books…well…ditto what most everyone else has shared on this thread…but just to add my two cents…please…avail yourself of some of the great classic books by the early Church Fathers…most,if not all of the t.v. evangelists are at best…motivational speakers…the million dollar smile…the positive approach to life…Joyce Meyers is in the same camp…just listen to what is being shared…they generally pick something from scripture and preach a ‘‘feel good’ message;’ I could do it…what I find really fascinating is Jimmy Swaggart’s message on ‘the Cross’…all of a sudden the Assembly of God church is acknowledging the Cross…like is something new…it’s feel good…what a treasure we have in the Catholic Church… Augustine’s ‘Confessions’ Thomas Merton 'Seven Story Mountain" Congectures of a Guilty bystander…The City of God…St. Benedict’s ‘The Rule" St. John of The Cross…I’m not even going to bring up the money…thing…send me money…and God has just told me that if you send me a love offering of 1000K you will be rewarded 10 fold…it’s not so much that these people preach their ‘feel good’ message…its’ at the throngs of people who attend these services and get all charged up about the message…these guys have nothing on our reach History in the One TRue Church…do I believe that there may one of these t.v. evanglelists that acutally believes what they are doing and mean well…maybe…but I haven’t found one…find old Church literature…the Desert Fathers…trust me you want be disappointed…Pax

So, you’re saying that if enough people believe something, it makes it true?

Check John 6 on this one. Jesus lost most of his followers when he spoke the truth there. Then, of course, on the cross… well, that message was too hard for all but a few to bear.

People want to believe what Joel is selling because they want a shortcut to wealth. They want to have someone say that it is okay for them to want material things. Basically, they want their bad behavior vindicated, and then to be told that everything is okay because we’re all going to heaven anyway.
Toss in a free gym membership and some free t-shirts to boot.
Frankly it’s surprising there aren’t more people jumping on this sinking ship.

The CC does not “cherry pick”.
If you don’t catch it at Sunday Mass, likely, it was a weekday reading.
Not every single bit of the Bible is read, but a huge portion is.

Go to Mass on Ord. Time, Week 18, Wed
Where the readings are:
Num 13:1-2, 25—14:1, 26a-29a, 34-35
if you want to hear mention of the Nephilim.

Check the Lectionary if you want to find out when specific Bible versus are brought up.
What’s the big deal about the Nephilim?

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