Joel Osteen on 60 minutes


Interviewer, regarding a list of things to do to improve your life: Not one mention of Jesus Christ in that…

Osteen: Well, that’s my message

(apparently, it’s not Jesus’ message, though)


Osteen’s “church” is not a church at all. It is a business, based around motivational speaking and a feel good ideology.


Feel-good ideology? So why does it make me so disgusted? :wink:


Because it doesn’t conform with your narrow religious outlook?


well, that’s a completely unprovoked comment. Actually, his view is too narrowed and watered down.


I can’t help but feel bad for those people who buy into it so whole-heartedly. I seldom hear Christ’s name mentioned, save when it’s to illustrate how one (not how he) can change one’s life for the better.

It leaves out man’s sinfulness, the hard realization of such, and the need for repentance. It’s today’s improved Gospel, like it or not. As long as there are men to preach it, there will be people to subscribe.

Although, I saw one part of the interview when Osteen cried for a moment when the interviewer mentioned his attackers. I thought it looked sincere and saddening. Maybe even he believes this stuff–or deep down really wants to.

Prayer is needed for these people, though.


JO really tickles a lot of ears, doesn’t he?


“Today is going to be a good day!” :thumbsup:


I guess the apostles were failures because they did not have a lot of material wealth. Anyway, JO could be sincere and ride to the pearly gates in a BMW limo picking up those who are at the highways and byways and take them to the heavenly banquet. I believe he might have to first use his GPS to find a priest for confession to prepare his soul for the rest of the journey and to find a church to receive communion that is the real presence.

I hope his success is as fruitful as the servant who received much when the master was gone.



Joel Osteen’s way is uplifting. Joel Osteen’s way gives us hope in ourselves, Joel Osteen’s way allows for and enables us to guide our own path and live our live’s to the fullest.

Christ tells us we must carry our cross. Christ tells us to be in this world but not of this world. Christ tells us to loose our lives so that we may find it. Christ asks of us to suffer with Him for the sake of His lost sheep.

Olsteen fills stadiums. Is it a wonder why? With Olsteen, we get our cake and eat it too. Personally I find it very difficult to listen to him at all. When I see the crowds intently listening, I feel a deep discourangement.


hahaha… I clicked on this just as JO was on tv… I got to read your comments and hear him at the same time!!! I think we should all start publicly praying for him and his followers. It is the only thing I can think of for someone who has so totally missed the mark… I think the other poster is right… it is just a business not a church at all.


I for one enjoy his messages. I bought his first book, went to see him in person and bought a couple of his DVDs. He always has something good to say. I certainly wouldn’t leave my church for Lakewood, but his uplifting messages of love and prosperity are helpful and educational.

I don’t think it’s very fair to cast him in such a negative light. I haven’t heard him bash any of us the way some people have bashed him.


In the 60 minutes episode, he implicitly “bashed” those who teach about sin and redemption. But you’re right, he’s not going to bash me. He doesn’t know me. But if he comes across my blog and reads something on there he doesn’t like, he is free to do so, and I hope he does so if I err, and especially if I lead millions astray. Likewise, when he puts himself out in front of millions, he sets himself up for criticism, and it is right to criticize him if he is preaching something wrong and leads others astray.


True. It is a business, but aren’t most churches businesses as well? BIG business at that. Aren’t Catholics one of the richest churches in the world?

If you caught the rest of the Osteen interview on 60 Minutes (or maybe it was Larry King?) you would have heard that Osteen does not ask for donations, unlike many other churches or televangelists…(including the Catholics).

I’m not trying to be argumentative…just trying to say that just because his church has money (therefore him too), doesn’t make him a bad person.

He’s doing a good job at getting people to listen to messages of hope and love as well as the word of God…something we as Catholics can take notes about if we truly want to bring people to the truth. They’ll come when they’re ready.


I agree, but for many people who have no hope…it’s a start. Maybe they can use him to ignite the spark within and burn for something more.

Plus, it’s a good thing that he is preaching about Jesus as our Savior and His love for us rather than some other un-Christian ideas or beliefs right?


Of course, this is why the Church praises what is good in other religions/denominations, but that doesn’t preclude criticism. But I think too often his teaching ignores Christ or runs counter to the gospel. There’s little if any room for a Dark Night of the Soul in his theology.


You’re right…we’re free to criticize…absolutely.


I am a cradle Catholic although I fell away from the Church when I went to college, and was away for many years.

About 4 years ago I had a “second conversion” when I started feeling a pull to come back to the Church. When I first started feeling that pull, I discovered Joel Osteen’s show on TV. At first I liked his show, and I watched it as often as I could. After several weeks of watching him, I started becoming uncomfortable with his “message.”

I can’t remember now exactly what he was saying that I didn’t like. But now that I reflect on it, I think his message is more about transforming yourself for a better life in the earthly world. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, I don’t remember hearing much emphasis on transforming our souls for eternal life in heaven. I don’t remember hearing much about grace in our souls, about giving glory, thanks, and praise to God, or about helping our neighbor.

That’s when I stopped watching him, and started looking more to the Church for Christ. And I fell in love with Christ and the Catholic Church.


I would not waste one moment watching these heretics, particularly this one.



Funny… I came back after an absence also…watching “Jack Van Impe”. I bought some of his material…and found discrepencies with the Catholic Faith- of which Catholic Answers and EWTN helped me out with…back in 1996 or so.

I could have gone the other way…but seeing “The Catholic Church” on prime time TV in my living room- Mother Angelica…well she and Catholic Answers kept me out of harms way.


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