Joel Osteen

I heard him speaking about how if your life’s not so great, it’s *your fault *because that’s a sign that you don’t truly love Christ. Is this guy serious? Why do people actually follow him! He’s preaching against 1,500 years of church teaching (from the beginning of protestantism)!

He’s all about “health and wealth” no substance, “tickles” ppls ears-when asked about abortion he said “well, its not the best”…nuff said

He follows the errant “health and wealth” interpretation of the Gospels. He believs that Jesus died so you and me can be fat and happy here on Earth. I don’t know what he believes about Heaven, though. I can only listen to him a few minutes at a time.

IMO he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, drawing people to him because what he says makes them feel good. He totally denies that we have to carry our own crosses to follow Christ.

I don’t know how he came to these conclusions, but the poor man is going to be in for quite a shock come Judgement unless he converts.

Let all who read this thread pray for him and his followers.

God Bless,

I’ve never watched an entire show but I have never heard him say anything that made me feel uneasy (like he was preaching against the Catholic church specifically).

But I would agree that if one is miserable, they might take a look at their true faith. If a person is blaming God, then they are not finding the beauty and usefuleness of suffering. I guess it makes me think of something I read that said if people in Heaven could come back to earth and suffer more they would jump at the chance. Also one should take into consideration that in loving Christ, we should also want to suffer with Him and take up our own crosses and follow Him.

BUT I think I will listen more to Joel Osteen and see what exactly he is saying.

I’ve watched Joel Osteen with my husband who is an evangelical christian. We’ve talked about his message and how it was not very Godly. My husband says he likes to watch him because he thinks he’s a good motivational speaker, but he gets no spiritual message from him. I think he’s dangerous in that his message is very worldly.

I think he is a lot like I was in the respect that his intentions are good, but his ‘good intentions’ seem to take precedence over proclaiming absolute truth.

I tend to believe that most Protestant Christians who really love God struggle with their doctrine (there are too many undeniable contradictions to their faith that are evident in the Bible). This does not excuse them from the error that they teach.

The whole problem with Protestantism is that it focuses more on the individual than on Christ Himself. Protestants earnestly want to ‘build up’ and ‘edify’ their flock, but they unwittingly dethrone Christ in the process and elevate individual needs above His. :frowning:

Joel Osteen is not an ordained minister. He’s a good motivational speaker, but not in any way a preacher of the word. I think he’s a Christ-monger, who’s getting rich by leaps and bounds. I can’t understand how so many people are entranced by him (including my own wife), but they are. God will deal with him in due time…Roanoker

Motivational speaker? Yes. Preacher of the Gospel? No. He teachers a false Gospel. People fall for it because it gives them what they desire, riches. Christ didn’t teach that, He told us to give up our wordly goods and follow Him. If only they would read their bible.

Because he is not Catholic, I do not bother to listen to him at all. Period. I’m not about to sit there and try and discern what’s good or bad about him. I’d rather not.

He is protestant. Catholics, IMO, should not be listening to him. He is for profit which leads me to suspect his motives on his preaching. Is he trying to sell to what the masses want? I believe so.

I don’t bother with anyone who is not Catholic.

This is a Southern Baptist minister giving a talk at Southwestern about the dangers of Word of Faith theology. Very well presented, and quite touching, considering the pastor has Cerebral Palsy, and considers his disease one of God’s greatest blessings to his life. There are three parts, the links to the others are to the right.

This is a dangerous attitude to hold. You should study these movements and prepare yourself to rebut them- these WoF ‘Christians’ are growing at an alarming rate. Here in eastern New Mexico, they have all but taken over.


You’re right. I don’t disagree with you. For the Catholic lacking or not strong in our faith,though, I don’t think we should be listening to him, or other prostants, until we are strong in our faith and we can rebut them.

This isn’t the first thread I’ve seen asking about Olsteen’s ideas. So I wonder how strong some people are in our faith. My post were for those of us who aren’t as strong and are still learning. Many apologies for not being specific enough.

Me, I love Jesus Christ, I love the Catholic Church as a faith and as The One True Apostolic Church, but I’m not strong enough to defend it. When I read a post about those who are wondering about Prostestant televangelist I wonder how strong they are in the Catholic faith so I make my post. For you apologists who can defend and refute points, I commend you. :slight_smile: I’m more along the lines of, “Just stay away to be safe and sure.” :slight_smile:

So until I am strong, I stay away. Until others are strong, I think they should stay away too. I may be wrong about that, though, my apologies.

You don’t know the half of it. I was a member of one of these Word of Faith churches. They don’t believe that if you don’t have money and health, that it’s because you don’t love Jesus enough. They believe that if you don’t have these things, it’s because you have not realized that you are THE SAME AS JESUS, THAT YOU ARE DIVINE, and you have not learned how to COMMAND GOD TO DO WHAT YOU SAY.

Is this idea long the lines of a “Santa Claus God?” I’ve seen that in Olsteen and I don’t like it. But I haven’ seen much of Olsteen so I may be wrong about that. I just think it’s wrong to preach that if someone is poor it’s their own fault for not having enough faith in God. If faith is what is required, my grandmother should have been a multi-billionaire. :smiley:

I agree with that wholeheartedly. I said in another post that I was involved in one of these churches- what I didn’t say was that before that, I was a ‘Catholic’. I knew little about the faith, got tempted by their message, and fell for it. So yah, it’s probably not a good idea to actually listen to them, but it is good to learn what they believe.

Well, their idea of faith is not like ours. They believe that ‘faith’ is the same divine ‘force’ that God used to create the universe, and that we can basically use His power for ourselves to create what we want in our lives. We are, in their belief, literally gods.

If Larry King cuddles up to him, then you can’t trust him! This guy’s always on Larry King and Larry is an open atheist and skeptic as well as a flake! Larry King loves him. That’s enough for me to know! Just like Oprah. Anyone that’s a friend of Oprah is not someone I trust!:o I’ve listened to him and he’s just one of those mega church feel-good cornballs with too much hairspray and a fancy suit. He and his wife are that classic TBN looking couple, plastic and money-driven.

He preaches the prosperity gospel (name it and claim it type fundamentalism). Jesus Christ blessed the poor, Osteen would probably see his descending into middleclass as a sign he is not right with the Lord. Is Osteen’s Christianity superior to that of the economically poor Christian who struggles every day, prays continuosly for help from Jesus, but trounces on. The prosperity gospel really disgusts me, because Christ never preached it and preaching that God Wants All of Us to be wealthy is an incredible view of what God values most on life.
Christ did not resurrect and then proclaim to his apostles, now pray for financial abundance is what I command you, and if you are faithful, you will prosper economically. The Apostles didn’t invest, they evangelized, were martyred and created a Church.

Hrm, interesting. That definitely is a different way of thinking regarding “faith.” I didn’t realize this is how some Protestants view faith.

Speaking of TBN, whatever happened to that lady with the big, pink hair?

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