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I have a lot of guilt and shame that I have difficulties letting go of. Listening to Joel Osteen sometimes comforts me even though he is not Catholic. What are your opinions and Joel Osteen and do you have any suggestions that will help me overcome the many sins of my past if you are not into Joel Osteen?

The only remedy for guilt and sin is making a good confession and getting absolution from the priest, who is standing in for Jesus himself. Listening to uplifting talks by various ministers will not grant you absolution. Mr. Osteen seems like an ok guy, but his theology strikes me as a little too worldly and his attitude a little too insincere, just my opinion; I know he well liked and respected by others.

His net worth is 56 million and his “mansion” in Houston is worth 10.5 million.
God Bless Joel, but I just have a hard time listening to someone asking for donations for various causes when they are worth that much money.
IMHO. To each his own, though.

Joel Osteen is an inspirational speaker and life coach. He has made his money from video and book sales. He is not a religious leader and you should not look upon him as one.

True guilt means you feel badly for something you did wrong. As the other posters said, that can be healed through a good confession. Shame is the feeling that there is something inherently wrong with you, That kind of feeling may need counsel from a priest,
a Catholic or Christian psychologist/psychiatrist or healing from Jesus directly. No one is perfect but after sincerely confessing your sins you should not have the shameful feeling that you are a bad person. Chronic shame is counterproductive. God wants you to have joy.

If listening to Joel Osteen brings you closer to God and if he doesn’t say anything contrary to Catholic teaching, I say go for it. However, there are plenty of great Catholic writers who deal with this topic as well.

God bless you

I agree. his theology is pretty shallow to me.

I do not put my “faith” in him for the same reason. With his private wealth he could be doing such good works for those in need, yet he continues to ask for monetary support. He can not tell me anything that my priest can’t. Peace. P.S. When he is on I flip the channel.

I don’t know what ministries he supports. Surely his church performs charitable works. I can’t imagine sitting in a stadium and worshipping with thousands and thousands of people. every week. I find it stressful with only a couple of hundred. it must be a daunting task taking care of a church that size. Joel Osteen appears to have been blessed. He must be helping these people who show up every Sunday.
Maybe there is a lot of things that go on that tv doesn’t show. I don’t watch his services because I don’t get anything out of them.

Never heard of him.

About the guilt:

“And have you for gotten what I have told you, that when a soul repents of her faults I no longer remember the outrages of which she has been guilty towards me?”

  • Jesus to St. Margaret of Cortona

“My Mercy is infinite; all souls can reach My Divine Heart and rise to whatever heights they wish within that Heart. I make no distinction between the innocent and the guilty — the more they love Me, the dearer they are to Me. No soul will ever find limitations to its trust in My Mercy, for I want that trust to go on growing for ever…”

  • Jesus to Servant of God Sr. Yvonne Aimee

Turn off the televangelist.
Go to Confession.

Osteen is a crook and a charlatan.
It amazes me in this day and age people still fall for old fashioned con jobs.:cool:

but if the people did not feel they were getting something out of it, the stadium would be empty.
I don’t care for televangelists myself-like Osteen, Joyce Meyers, Jakes, Dollar, and others. They make a lot of money off the name of Jesus.
I always did look at them as con artists, but people must be feeling like they are being helped or these people would not be where they are now.


Go ahead and listen to him, if it comforts you. Not many people can do that. Even though he is not a Catholic, as a preacher, he is blessed with good talent, which makes listening to him a pleasure. Perhaps he sounds more like a therapist but it is a credit to him to be able to use the Bible in such manner, to comfort and to encourage.

You may be mistaking him for someone else, or else believing rumors. I have never seen appeals from him for money … EVER!

Go to confession!

there is something he is doing or saying that fills up the stadium every Sunday.

Well it’s easy to check out. They broadcast his service weekly on TBN. He always strikes me as a bit fake, but I know he’s helped keep people Christian who otherwise could have left entirely. So :shrug: he seems a mixed bag. I’ll give him that he’s not one of those “seed” televangelists.

I have, unfortunately.

This is straight from his website, and he has mentioned this at his live services and his other events.

“You can become a Champion of Hope today by selecting your donation amount and clicking “monthly” under the “Partner with Us” header on this page”

His ministries have been on the watch list since 2011 for lack of transparency and failure to accurately report financials.

Here’s the link.

The most prominent thing on his stage is a globe when it should be the cross/crucifix. To me that says something about his priorities.

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