Joel Osteen's movie about The Virgin Mary

It’s called “Mary Mother of Christ.”

What could go wrong? :wink:

I know I’m being cynical. Hopefully it’s a truthful movie.

Exit question: Has hell froze over?

To be honest,seems like a smoke screen to cover up its true intentions: MORE $$$ for Joel.

I do not care for the man’s watered-down Gospel.

I think it should be called Mary Mother of God

Agreed. And this was a point of contention and division in the early years of the Church. The title Mother of God recognizes Christ’s Divinty.

It is interesting to read this- I am a new convert and was really into Joel Osteen as I found my way back to Christ five years ago. In his latest book out last fall called Every Day a Friday in chapter 14 he talks about the Visitation and Mary and Elizabeth. He talks about Mary being a divine connection meaning a positive faith filled person who helps you bring dreams to life and promises come to pass. He further states that God has already lined up “your Mary”. Well, I believe Joel He sure has:D I was just amazed when I read this- while far from doctrinal I have never read such an almost devout reference to the Blessed Mother in a popular Christian book or heard anything in Christian media about Mary other than in passing at Christmas time. I am interested to hear more about this.

Joel Osteen? JOEL OSTEEN??? This is a “Bazinga” moment, right? Hell in a handbasket, my friends; hell in a handbasket. I do like watching his “sermons”, though, but then, again, I am easily amused. It is always fun to see how goofy he really can get.

Anyway, I don’t know if we want to call Osteen’s interpretation of Our Lady as “devout”, though. I do agree with another poster who thinks he’s doing it for the big bucks. Really, while Mary does intercede powerfully for us with her Son, I don’t believe that one can make a blanket statement saying that she “brings dreams to life”. I think that this is all part of Osteen’s bogus shtick: if you are faith-filled, good things happen. Yeah, but isn’t Mary our Sorrowful Mother? No one had more faith than her. And about God picking a “Mary” for each of us, what in the heck is Osteen talking about? Maybe he is throwing the Blessed Mother in the same pile with talismans, crystals, and rabbits’ feet. Maybe he thinks of her as part of your “network” to get good stuff going on. Sorry, Joel, there are not many “Mary’s” for us. There is but one Mary, whom God has picked from before time not only to be His Mother, but our mother, too. “For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed; for He who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is His name.” (*Luke *1:48-49)


Well as I said I am a recent convert so be kind:) Mary and I are just getting to know each other:) I certainly did not mean to offend, I was just repeating what I had read, which I stated was of course not in any way doctrinal, I found it astounding as I read it last year because I can tell you as a cradle Protestant that she does not get much attention at all except at Christmas maybe. So to have a prominent evangelist no matter what people think of him talk about Mary and produce a movie about her I pray is not just profit motive but maybe even the Holy Spirit at work to bring Mary to believers and even non believers who may not give her much thought. I do not have the cultural background with the exception of a Catholic grandmother who was a faithful rosary prayer warrior that cradle Catholics have about the Blessed Mother so I mean no offense. I actually will be starting my 33 day consecration program later this month as I am now also devoted to the rosary and want to know Mary better to be closer to her Son. I would hope that maybe a movie like this would maybe even lead to curiosity about what Catholics believe about Mary and even be a tool for evangelization. One of my most fervent prayers is for Christian unity as I have beloved brothers and sisters in Christ in both my Catholic and former Methodist worlds. As for Joel, I have never heard him say anything anti-Catholic and he has a positive message that in no way replaces sound catechesis or doctrine but can still be inspirational. No I don’t buy the prosperity gosepl thing but there is nothing wrong about thinking positively. I no longer watch him on a regular basis as I am digging deeper these days in my spiritual reading.

God Bless,


Oh, dear! My intent was most certainly not to denigrate your position! I absolutely took no offense to your post. Please accept my apology if I came across as being so nasty!

Now, maybe Joel O. has seen the light about Mary. Perhaps he is on the road to Damascus. You are right: it doesn’t really matter who shines the spotlight on her. The bottom line is that the Lord has brought it about, through His “vehicle” Osteen, that His Mother be introduced to more and more people, bringing His love with her. Your devotion to the Rosary and your consecration, are wonderful. On two other posts, I was so ashamed to have to admit that I do not pray the Rosary nowhere nearly as often as I should. It seems that, until Blessed JPII the Great, the Church did not put much emphasis on it, even though Mary has stated time and again, especially at Fatima, how powerful this prayer is. You know, we Catholics have done a pretty poor job of evangelization relative to our Protestant brothers and sisters. Why is it that we cannot bring thousands and thousands to stadium services, like they do? We’re the ones who know about the two most beautiful gifts from heaven–Mary and, especially, the Eucharist–and yet so few can claim any familiarity with them at all. (Even our fellow Catholics fall short in some areas of the faith.) We have a lot of work to do. If Osteen can help with that, so be it. (I still, however, think that he does have a financial ulterior motive. He did an interview with Oprah recently that left me kinda nauseated. The guy is uber wealthy.)

Being a Catholic these days is rough. We need the help of the Holy Spirit now more than ever. The prayer below is for all of us:

(Saint Augustine of Hippo)

Breathe in me, O Holy Spirit, that my thoughts may all be holy.
Act in me, O Holy Spirit, that my work, too, may be holy.
Draw my heart, O Holy Spirit, that I love but what is holy.
Strengthen me, O Holy Spirit, to defend all that is holy.
Guard me, then, O Holy Spirit, that I always may be holy.


Oh, and BTW, welcome to the fold! :angel1:

Oh but we do bring tens of thousands to stadiums - on Papal visits, to World Youth Day, to St Peters Square on special occasions. I was privileged to be at WYD in Sydney, saw it first hand.

So when, pray tell, is this movie out? I am curious now.

No worries- and I just love all that I am learning about my Blessed Mother:) And I love the prayer from St. Augustine- my confirmation name is Monica as I am currently being a prayer warrior for my Methodist raised young adult kids:)

I wonder if Joel will mention or focus on how Mary SUFFERED seeing her son carrying the cross, and how she watched him DIE ON THAT CROSS for OUR SINS??? Gee, he might have to drop that dazzling smile of his if he actually had to speak the word, “SIN!”


It’s all about “name it and claim it,” which of course TOTALLY contradicts the entire Gospel, but never mind, his motivational speeches make people feeeeeel good.


Joel’s talks are not “watered-down Gospel.” Almost everything he says is in direct CONTRADICTION to the Gospel. Jesus did not come here to help us achieve, “Your Best Life Now” or any of that. Jesus came so that we could have eternal life. There will be suffering on this earth and some of us have a lot of it to bear. No matter how earnestly we wave our Bibles around in the air, our lives are not going to be happy and fulfilling all the time, but Joel’s sinless motivational talks sure give that impression to the simple.

Not sure.

On a separate note… I bet this movie will take heat from both sides.

Don’t worry. Osteen is just a producer. The screenplay was written by two devout, talented Catholics, Benedict Fitzgerald (co-writer of The Passion of the Christ) and Barbara Nicolosi. I have been waiting for this film to be released for years.


It’s a miracle that he even produced it, then. Osteen and his ilk are not known for being Catholic-friendly.

I am not at all familiar with Joel Osteen’s movie about the Virgin Mary. I had never heard of it before I saw this post.

I personally watch Joel Osteen every once-in-a-while. I find him very upbeat and inspirational to listen to. This is in contrast to some rather boring homilies that I listen to on Sundays.

I am curious about this movie, and I don’t see why we should criticize it if we know nothing about it.

Try Fulton Sheen instead

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